Ortega warns of powerful enemies, savage capitalism

Sounding at times like a worldly revolutionary who understands history as a lengthy and constantly evolving struggle for liberation, and at other times like a politician who’s only worried about winning the next election, President Daniel Ortega addressed an overflow Sandinista crowd for his 33rd installment of the July 19 triumph-of-the-revolution address.

“Latin American and the Caribbean today are struggling for justice, for sovereignty and for self-determination, and it’s a battle against a powerful enemy—the tyranny of savage capitalism and the aggressive policy of imperialist expansionism that is trying to plant war everywhere,” Ortega said.

In comparison, he said, the Sandinista Front is “planting peace.”

“The people keep struggling,” Ortega said. “The social movements, the campesinos, the workers, the women, the youth have found new spaces to multiply the battles and multiply the victories. These are times to multiple the victories in Nicaragua, in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

The president said his government has “no time to rest” because “our historic adversaries don’t rest and they conspire and use all possible forms to terrify and frighten the people.”

Ortega also appeared to make a reference to the U.S. waivers, one of which has been canceled and the other up for vote in the coming weeks.

“This country will never sellout or give up, and those who are thinking of threatening us with sanctions of any time need to know that they will never make this country buckle,” Ortega said. “The people will never stop fighting for their liberty or sovereignty or for Central American unity, or for Latin American and Caribbean unity, or for the unity of the whole world. This country will never stop fighting for peace.”

And that, voters, is why Daniel Ortega wants your support in the November municipal elections.

“This isn’t just another election in our country, rather an election in which you will delegate more power to the people,” Ortega said.

  • OEstrada

    Same rhetoric and tune. Nothing new from the “unconstitutional”. People in Nicaragua aren’t stupid, but the “unconstitutional” is using fear and criminal acts to keep people down. Only time will tell how much longer will people stay down and resist the atrocities of the “unconstitutional”. Let’s hope that is sooner than later.

    • gk

      He just spins the facts just like what happens here in the U.S. I did not know Fox had a news room in Managua!

  • SAD

    Didn’t he make that same speech 50 years ago and 40 years ago and 30 years ago and 20 years ago and 10 years ago?

  • Honestman

    That was a short event, nothing out of normal. However, all this changes that president Ortega pretend to make, means that relevant ideas in the government are in extintion….is not their fault (married couple); is fault of all of us that let them do all that things

  • Giovani Luchessi

    Chavez:”Yo quiero un muñeco de Bolivar con tremendo pene para chuparselo con mis amigos TODOS los días!”