PLC convention a nonstarter

(posted July 11, 3:30 p.m.)- The Liberal Constitutional Party’s “Grand Convention” held Wednesday in Managua was far more mundane than its billing suggested.

PLC leader Arnoldo Alemán, recently returned from his globe-trotting family vacation to Cuba, Russia and Red China—three of the only places in the world were the former president can travel without threat of arrest—was in typical jolly form as he presided over the wilted remains of his party, which managed less than 6% of the vote in last year’s elections.

But the PLC failed to make any interesting or relevant decisions during its convention, which commemorated 119 of the Liberal Revolution in Nicaragua.

Predictably, convention-goers voted unanimously to entrust their party’s directorate with the final decision over whether or not to participate in the upcoming municipal elections, which will be managed by the same de facto electoral authorizes whom the PLC accused of stealing the previous two polls (something they don’t seem to remember).

The Independent Liberal Party (PLI) is also undecided about whether to participate in the November municipal elections, and The Nicaragua Dispatch is undecided about whether to cover them.

  • SAD

    Why do you call them elections?

  • Simone

    Imprimir la verdad y me hacen reír! ¡ Bravo!