Poll: Nicas want democracy, change in CSE

M&R Consultants poll shows Nicaraguans want democracy and don’t want Venezuelan-style socialism

An overwhelming majority of Nicaraguans want democracy for their country and most voters think it’s time to replace the de facto electoral magistrates in the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), according to a new M&R Consultants poll published today in daily El Nuevo Diario.

Eight out of 10 (82.3%) Nicaraguans polled by M&R Consultants between June 24 and July 5 say “democracy is preferred to every other type of government.” And seven of 10 Nicaraguans want their country to maintain its current model rather than adopt the brand of “21st Century Socialism” advocated by Venezuela and the nations of ALBA. Only 17.6%–not even half of all Sandinistas—support the idea of “21st Century Socialism” for Nicaragua, the survey showed.

The poll also shows that 73% of Nicaraguans think it’s time to substitute all or some of the magistrates of the CSE—all of whom have overstayed their constitutional welcome at their jobs. On the other hand, nearly 23% think the magistrates have done such an exemplary job of determining the winners of previous elections that they should remain at their posts or get reelected.

Among those who think it’s time to shake things up at the CSE, 71% say because the magistrates “have already completed their terms and it’s time to give a chance to someone else,” nearly 14% say its because “we can’t continue with such questionable magistrates,” and 10% say because Nicaragua needs electoral authorities who are “more honest, impartial and transparent.”

Give the current situation, most Nicaraguans—a total of 55%–say they have “little” or “no confidence” in the upcoming municipal elections managed by the same cast of characters. On the other hand, 42% of the population said they have “a lot of confidence” in the November poll.

With less than five months to go before election day, only the Sandinista Front has said it will participate in the upcoming municipal poll.

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