Poncho is looking for a home

From the Casa Lupita files: After surviving life in the markets of Masaya, Poncho is hoping to spend his golden years in more domesticated circumstances

With a little luck on his side, Poncho could have been a screen star dog. He has that look and the personality—white, unkempt, fluffy fur, big wide eyes, and a Hollywood grin on his funny face!

But Poncho’s past is grist for a horror story.

Diane Meyboom, adoption coordinator for Casa Lupita Animal Clinic in Granada, found him wandering the crowded streets of Masaya about six months ago.

In Diane’s words, “Poncho was in horrible shape. Mange had left him hairless, his lips and mouth were hideously swollen, and he was pure skin and bones.”

Had he an ounce of energy and strength, Poncho could have foraged in the market for food. But he had neither and probably lost the will to look for food or water. More than likely, he was looking for a place to lie down and die.

Diane has an uncanny ability for finding dogs in the final hours of their lives. She found Poncho and, because she is who she is, wouldn’t look at him pityingly and then walk away.

Instead, she brought him to Casa Lupita, where he now lives with seven other abandoned mutts—still without a real home, but at least safe from the streets and able to enjoy two meals a day.

“He is good with people, pups and female dogs,” Diane says. “But he has it ‘in’ for male dogs!”

Poncho also likes to chase cats (what dog doesn’t), but he won’t harm them. Even if he caught then, he could only give a love nibble, since his front teeth are missing due to his advanced age.

Poncho loves to walk around the block and is good on the leash. For an older dog, Poncho has a lot of energy left in him and just needs to spend his golden years with somebody who would love and cuddle him.

He is neutered and vaccinated. He has a bit of a flea allergy, but he has been treated for it.

Hopefully Poncho will fit the bill as the perfect pet (well, nearly perfect) for someone wanting a companion dog. He’s the mutt for the person who wants to give a dog a final chance to have love and companionship during his final few years.

We know you’re out there, so please come forward and collect your prize named Poncho! Please write me at donna.tabor@rocketmail.com

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