Sandinista Youth prepare for July 19

(posted July 18, 5:30 p.m.)- As police start to block off parts of Managua in preparation for the July 19 celebration to commemorate the triumph of the popular revolution in 1979, first lady Rosario Murillo is trying to keep the pot boiling by mobilizing thousands of Sandinista Youth to march in support of the government.

This year’s annual July 19 celebration is being dedicated to the youth of Nicaragua, according to first lady Rosario Murillo.

This afternoon, thousands of Sandinista Youth are organizing simultaneous marches in different parts of the country to celebrate “eternal youth” and “liberty, peace, justice and affection,” the first lady said.

“Today, the youth of Nicaragua will fill us all with youth; the young at heart will transmit this force with which we advance from a better present to an even better future, which we will build together in love and peace, which we will build together in true life,” Murillo gushed confusingly.

The first lady said today’s march, on the eve of the July 19 celebration, will honor the colors of the Nicaraguan flag.

“The white of heaven, with the blue and white of our country, celebrating Nicaragua’s prodigious liberty, celebrating Nicaragua peace, justice, affection, celebrating Nicaragua Christian, Socialist and in solidarity,” Murillo mewed.

The first lady apparently tried to say that Nicaraguans should come together on July 19 to honor the heroes and martyrs of the revolution and celebrate a country that today lives in freedom.

Or, in her words, “we can build a fatherland that is truly free, free of poverty, of sadness, of abandonment, a fatherland where Jesus reigns, Jesus that is love, Jesus that is peace, Jesus that is Justice.”

Dirt Wars in Front of the CSE

While Murillo concerns herself with building a fatherland for Jesus, a small group of youth activists are trying to build a space for opposition protest in front of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE).

After nearly two weeks of demonstrating in front of the CSE by calling for the removal of all the de facto magistrates, youth activists were run off from the site yesterday afternoon by a large team of municipal workers and Sandinista Youth. The municipal workers messily dumped loads of sand all over the road to prevent the youth demonstrators from returning and again barricading the street by digging up the paving stones.

Nevertheless, the tireless protesters returned this afternoon and started sweeping up the sand to get at the paving stones again, La Prensa reported.

With the Sandinista Youth scheduled to march in Managua, the scene has been set for some excitement.

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