Top surfers fall for Nicaragua

ISA commends Nicaragua for its world-class organization of the World Masters Surfing Championship and says tournament’s success will put the country firmly on the world surf map

PLAYA COLORADO—The world’s top surfers are not immune to the enchanting spell that Nicaragua casts on first-time visitors.

Former world champion Sunny Garcia has competed on the best waves in the world, but this week’s ISA World Masters Surfing Championship in Nicaragua is “a breath of fresh air for me,” Garcia says.

“The country is beautiful, the water is warm, the waves are good, the people are nice, the food is good—you can’t ask for a better place to come,” the Hawaii native told The Nicaragua Dispatch Monday afternoon, after winning his morning heat in the tournament.

The surf tournament has drawn a big crowd to Playa Colorado (photo/ Tim Rogers)

Garcia has surfed extensively in Costa Rica over the years, but after one day surfing at Playa Colorado, he says, “So far, I like Nicaragua better.”

The surfing conditions in Nicaragua are perfect for tourism, he says. The waves are fun for experts, but surfers don’t need to be professional to look good here.

“I would recommend people come down here; the waves are fun and they’re not big or dangerous,” Garcia says. “It’s really easy to surf here. There are lots of beach breaks and there have been a lot of really good waves since I’ve been here.”

He adds, “If I want big gnarly waves, I can stay in Hawaii and get that there. But here I can get fun waves and good weather and be around good people.”

The ISA World Masters Suring Championship, which has brought together some of the world’s best 35-and-older surfers from 26 countries, has “been a blast so far,” Garcia says.

“Everyone is having fun representing their country,” says the six-time winner of the Triple Crown of Surfing. “It’s a great event—just look at all the people who came down here. This is just a feel-good event.”

A Watershed Moment for Nicaragua

Event organizers from the International Surfing Association (ISA) are equally impressed with Nicaragua.

The ISA's Marcos Bukao is very impressed with Nicaragua's organization of the tournament (photo/ Tim Rogers)

“Today was an excellent first day of the event because it was very well organized,” says ISA Contest Director Marcos Bukao, of Brazil. “The competition was supposed to start at 8 a.m. and we started at 8:01. Many times when I go to countries that don’t have a strong tradition in hosting competitions of this sort, the first day of the event is spent making final adjustments. But here everything was done very, very well.”

For a country that has never attempted to organize a surfing tournament of this magnitude, Nicaragua got it right on its first try, Bukao said.

“The organization here is on the same level as what I have experienced in surfing competitions in the U.S., South Africa, Brazil and Australia—and those are countries that have events like this every weekend,” Bukao told The Nicaragua Dispatch. “Everything here is perfect. This was a very nice surprise.”

In addition to the excellent preparation and initial execution of the week-long tournament, the surfing conditions have also been good, Bukao says. While the excellent weather so far this week has provided for some of that, the ISA official says Nicaragua is privileged to have great year-round conditions, a consistent off-shore wind and a sandy ocean floor (the only time it’s advantageous to have a “sandy bottom”).

Nicaragua's surfing conditions are being showcased to the world (photo/ Tim Rogers)

“This is all very important for tourism because the great majority of surfers are not professionals,” Bukao says. “Most surfers who come here are tourists who like sun, a sandy beach and safe surfing conditions—and this is what you have here. It’s a friendly beach, it’s not aggressive.”

This week’s Internet feed and international media coverage of the championship tournament will do more to showcase Nicaragua’s natural beauty and excellent surfing than any event in the past, Bukao promises. And due to the international nature of the event, the surfing tournament will attract surfers from all over the world, not just the United States.

“Lots of people from around the world are going to be tuning in this week and what are they going to see? A hot, beautiful, peaceful, safe and friendly country with good waves,” Bukao says. “Most certainly many of these people are going to make Nicaragua part of their vacation plans.”

For most people—including Bukao and Garcia, neither of whom had given this country much thought before this week—Nicaragua is still unexplored territory. And that’s what surfers want, the ISA official says.

“Surfers like to know new places and Nicaragua represents a new offering,” Bukao says. “Nicaragua does not have the multitude of surfers that other places have; there are lots of spots here where you can still have the wave to yourself and your friends—this is paradise for surfers.”

After this week, Bukao predicts, Nicaragua will earn its place on the map.

“I think the history of surfing in Nicaragua will be divided into two moments: a before and after the world surf championship,” he says. “I saw this happen in Ecuador years ago and Panama more recently…In a few years, Nicaragua will be an international destination for surfing and surf-tourism will become an important part of the country’s income.

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    Hey just a quick tip for people who want to tune into the live webcast. Select the Low bandwidth setting as there are bandwidth issues for the higher settings.

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    The internet feed does not work. No bandwidth. What a joke.

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  • mnelson

    There have been inquiries about buying property here at Iguana during the surf competition. If interested, just use caution and talk to the folks who own and live here … not just the realtors.

    • tubbmanagua

      Hi, good to know that there have been interest in properties. I have a lot that I would like to sell, its on the B row, that is one row back from the shoreline. If anyone is interested please respond here, with an email contact. Enjoy the surf at Iguana too.!

  • iLoveSF

    Better than Costa Rica for sure! I always tell people, you can go to Costa Rica for 6 days or Nicaragua for a month, on the same budget. Plus it’s safer, believe it or not! Look it up, safest country in Central America

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  • crowds

    Where are the large crowds that were expected. I went down to the event today and it was rather empty. Seems to be a great bit of hype.

  • leon

    I was there twice this week and the crowds were quite small given all the hype. Not many tourists but the same old regulars were floating around.

  • gloria

    Yes, i was there yesterday and it was not very crowded at all. Where are all the toursists and surfers?

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