Costa Rica’s ambassador ready to report to Nicaragua

Javier Sancho will be first Costa Rican ambassador in Nicaragua in over two years

(posted Aug. 6, 1:40 p.m.)- In an effort to normalize diplomatic relations between neighboring countries, Costa Rica today swore in veteran diplomat Javier Sancho as the country’s new ambassador to Nicaragua, according to Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry.

Costa Rica has not had an ambassador in Nicaragua for over two years.

Sancho, who been in Costa Rica’s foreign service since 1974, most recently served as the Foreign Ministry’s Head of Protocol and State Ceremony. He has previously served as government’s representative to the Organization of American States (2005-2007) and as Costa Rican Ambassador to Brazil (1994-2001) and South Korea and Thailand (1987-1990).

Sancho is also president of the Association of Costa Rican Career Diplomats.

There is no official date set yet for when Sancho will travel to Managua to present his credentials as ambassador, but it’s expected to happen within the coming weeks.

  • Jim Lynch

    Let’s hope this is a step in the right direction. Now, if the Ticos will stop building that ugly road to nowhere on the San Juan ….