Garden Cafe Concert Series Aug. 17

singer/songwriter Duane Forrest will be performing at Garden Café next Friday

We’re thrilled to announce our next concert @ The Garden Café! This time we have the pleasure of presenting Canandian singer/songwriter Duane Forrest.

The warm acoustics of Duane will reawaken your soul to the story of l’amour. Performing in several languages, Duane weaves bossa nova, jazz, and soul to create an organic sound. Duane was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Throughout his life, he has had the opportunity to learn a variety of musical instruments while living in Mexico, Honduras, and Puerto Rico.

Duane has recently founded a non-profit school of the arts called Genesis School of the Arts, located in the Copán Ruins, Honduras. The school is totally free for the children and youths of Copán. The goal of Genesis is to allow these young people to experience the arts, some for the first time. They are granted this opportunity through morning and afternoon classes in music, dance, visual arts, cooking, and drama. The hope is that through Genesis, these children will discover something beautiful: creativity.

We are taking this opportunity to support this important cause by asking for a small $2 donation per person, which will be collected at the door and given to Genesis school of the Arts.

We will also have the special participation of our friends: April Hyatt (Vocals), Damien Hopkins (Guitar) & Noah Phillips (Banjo).

Please join us for a pleasant night of music appreciation in a beautiful and tranquil setting on our fifth anniversary of Garden Café.

There is limited seating, so please make a reservation: 2552-8582.


  • Chris

    I hear Bajo Pata is going to warm up the crowd by playing the didgeridoo.

    • Calley

      as long as Mateo keeps his tambourine at home, all will be well!

  • Maria

    Garden Concerts are great!!! Good job X&D.