Happy birthday, Fidel, Fidel, Fidel

Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega salutes Fidel Castro on his 86th birthday

In commemoration of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro’s 86th birthday today, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega sent his aging tovarishch a cheerful birthday card to brighten his day.

But as a man of letters himself, Castro might find the gushing and pleonastic missive from his old Nicaraguan comrade a bit more disconcerting than anything else.

Though President Ortega’s signature appears at the bottom of the letter, it was clearly written in the unmistakably flowery and tautological prose of Murillospeak—a mysterious tongue that only the first lady speaks with any degree of proficiency.

So flamboyant is Murillo’s plume, that it brings guilty pleasure to imagine Castro sitting around in his convalescent tracksuit and scratching his gray whiskers in bewilderment as he reads his Sandinista birthday card and imagines Ortega’s voice reading it aloud.

“Fidel, Fidel, Fidel, leader and prophet. Fidel, Fidel, Fidel, accomplishing the mission in the mission accomplished, and in the vision renewing yourself before each new circumstance in History!” the letter says, no doubt causing Castro slight pause as he backtracks to read the paragraph in hopes of decoding its meaning.

“Fidel, Fidel, Fidel, growing with each battle! Fidel, with a clear horizon, hammering out all the risks, all the crossroads, all the strategies, all forms…alerting, insisting, advising, beyond us all…more towards the world and from the world…in indispensable transcendence.”

The feverish birthday greeting continues on like for another six paragraphs before signing off.

Murillo also announced that Sandinistas today will be celebrating the birthday of party founder Tomás Borge, who died last April at the age of 81. Borge and Castro shared the same birthday.

  • Angi

    I am sorry but I don’t understand this article. How is this news ?

    • GB

      I think that it falls under the heading of “human interest”.

    • Eileen

      It might not be a “stop-the-press!” headline, but for those of us living here in Nicaragua, this article definitely offers insight into the kooky way this government conducts itself under the influences of Rosario Murillo

      • Ken

        Exactly right. The kooky way the government conducts itself is always relevant news. Plus, not that this is a surprise, the president and the first bruja’s continuing admiration of Castro helps to explain their willingness to govern in a more authoritarian manner than most of the rest of the world believes is acceptable.

  • roberto

    This is exactly what Daniel Ortega wants with Nicaragua, be in power until he is 100 years old. This is the main reason why I don’t move to Nicaragua until this man is taken out completely. Only a fool can invest in a country where there is no security!!

    • NCP

      To be fair, the only type of security that really exists, is a false sense of security.

  • Lucio Rangel

    If Mrs Murillo plum sound to Tim Rogers, publisher of this article, “SO flamboyant” What an immature writing you are exhibiting…critiquing Mrs. Murillo style with no respect and in the most burlesque and sarcastic tone to publish this crap…you Tim Rogers lack from decency, your hatred for this government is displayed with no class.

    Be thankful, you have find a way of living in this country knowing you are Mr. nobody as a pretending journalist in the US. Settle down!

  • Lucia Rangel

    Lucio….take a chill pill. And let’s take it easy on the swear words as well. Remember what John & Yoko said about giving “Peace a Chance”? We must respect others and their respective intellectual property rights.

  • Nero

    Lucio…listen to your twin sister.

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