Is ALBA a model for Europe?

(posted Aug. 15, 10:40 a.m.)- Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega says the Venezuelan-led Bolivarian Alliance for our Americas (ALBA) should be a model for the United States and Europe to follow.

“If the United States, if Europe, which today are submersed in a profound crisis, were to dedicate themselves to applying mechanisms of solidarity, of complementarity, of fair trade like those that exist in ALBA, Europe would have the instruments to get out of their crisis and give the people of Europe the jobs that they need and the benefits and wellbeing that they are losing today,” Ortega said Tuesday night at the 32nd anniversary of the Nicaraguan Navy.


President Daniel Ortega

ALBA is an international cooperation organization and a leftist political bloc comprised of eight countries in Latin America and the Caribbean: Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Nicaragua joined ALBA on Jan. 11, 2007—one day after Ortega was sworn in as president.

For Europe and the U.S. to adopt an ALBA-like model of development and trade, they will first have to abandon their current neoliberal models, Ortega advised.

“Life is showing that the (capitalist) model that arrived at its maximum development and splendor is now in total decline,” Ortega said.

  • http://GemmaDesignCorporationBWW Gloria H Mallorca Von Kremer

    Allthough I am not a particular fan of Daniel Ortega due to political deaths in my family by this Regime in the past,Imust said HONESTLY AMERICA SHOULD OPEN ITS EYES ! thatWHAT HE TRULLY WANTS IS: he wants to implant all his Revolutionary Models of Economics in places where Capitalism is a number one Theory ,AMERICA,EUROPE , and one that is applied to Corporations like the ones Presidential Candidate Mitt Roomney has and have This IS AN ALERT FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES ALL OVER THE WORLD NOT JUTS FOR NOBLE PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA OR FORMER GOVERNOR MITT ROOMNEY I do not believe Mitt will be in agreement with him or either Senator Mc Cain of the Republican Party .America comes into struggles when huge amount of loans are given oversees just like the recent loans ,and waiver given to Nicaragua and the amount of millions of loans given to Nicargua by citizens with absolutely no benefits for the Tax Payers except to leave their dollars as Tourism in Countries like Nicaragua as many others too ,and or Investments like the case of the Sweedish European Investor who bought more than 1000 acres for Tourism ,and now the Nicaraguan government is claiming a percentage of these acres for Pastora according to legal documents in courts of Nicaragua, The Government is usurping from the investment of the Sweedish Investor this amounts of acreage or confiscating it ! This is what they called Alba Economics usurping that which they never worked for, like one of our haciendas own now by fromer President Viioleta Chamorro THAT WAS USURPED , and where we had lost more than 40 million dollars in production PER YEAR DURING THESE 38 YERAS OF POWER OF DANIEL ORTEGA AND THEM ALL !which goes directly to the pockets of Chamorros familys instead of the true Owners ,and this just from one of the Haciendas applying laws just like in Mexico when they Nationalize the Oil Industries from all Investors,usurping the Hacienda El Paraiso of the Rappaccioli Navas Family just because it is a productive well kept Coffee Plantation,even of people that had been with their politics hand in hand for all these 38 yeras and before.The Daniel Ortega Saavedra is applying the same principle of Cuba allthough for the secod time the first one was in 1979 and the second now.He thinks Americans are babboons naive unintellectual people that do not perceive right from wrong contrary to what he thinks America is good is open arms for many even for them the Castro family that has lived in Miami for many years .What they are proposing is the end of capitalism ,and entering innto a Chavez confiscation type of properties which they called the Alba Economic System take away all from those that have worked just like the Bolsheiciks in Russia many yeras ago durin ghte assasination of the Tzars they wantto implant the same all over the world ,and then ususrpued all from the private sector industry This is what he means by the Alba New Economics that only works under a slave type citizens-versus Government manipulated theory but in this case is trully applied they want to eliminate capitalism from every country eliminating private capital , Industries ,and anything that smells like Capitalism. If America is in this shape is because millions and billions of loans are given to all countries in the world while in America there are needs of more Clinics , with an advance technnical equipment,more schools more capital directly for Small Business low interest mortagages and a calm down to the Banks that lend with high interest to the American people .If America or its Government would lend to all the Countries in the World 1/3 of what they ask and reserve 2/3 as national reserves for United States Citizens for reserves of social security, and others needs of the American People their Residents and Citizens that want to live in a free society ,then USA citizens matters would be much better. Look at American Citizens teeth which reflect the Nation itself they are not well kept because loans are not given they should be given just as student laons are given,for example just as they do student loans there should be an easy plan as such established for small Business Firms ,training and equipment bought through these loans in the same format as student LOANS are done !directly not through so many loopholes . American Citizens should be treated first class as all their taxes go to Foreign Aid look Nicaragua Daniel talking like this because he allready has the waiver approved .He is a very intelligent man astute ,and knows the timing when to opens to the world the Proposal of a New Economic System in Economics THE ALBA ECONOMICS ,he is so intelligent and has patience since he is directed by his Teacher Fidel Castro to whom he has inmense gratitude as Cuba ,it was his second Motherland ,at the time of his exile.Fidel Castro is a figure America has tried to ignore for decades castro is a very bright man he cannot do it alone in the Island so he takes over Nicaragua , and many other Nations through young trained leaders as Daniel Ortega Saavedra. He waited cleverly for the timing not before ! for President Obama to release the waiver ,and then he opens up his speech to the World on New reforms in the economic Issues by implanting Alba a totally economic regime against acpitalism and private Industry ,because their ambitionis to take over America ,and Europe have not been accomplished yet !The Republicans know it Senator Mc Cain knows it .This is the reason why Canada, and Mexico borders must be protected with Military Bases all across the borders There muts be no empty space allowing any foriegn threat to America.President Obama must have been strong ,and not release the waiver but also the people of Nicaragua were crying for this release I think it was a noble cause for him , but weak attitude of President Obama trying to bring peace as allways to Ortega .He is laughing as it menas more money in Swuiss banks for him and his family .Fighting againts Iran and strengthen Nicaragua whent hey both are allieds.In the case of Luvy Rappaciolli-Navas of Italian Immigrants whose parents came to Nicaragua long time ago she was violated against her human roghts ,and by force removed away from her Plantatation just recently ,a young Lady who had inherited all of this from her parents just because the neighbor is a Loyal Sandinista I want Nicaragua Disptach to cover her story firectly from her she is in videos all over the world and what about Human rights for her Inexistent ones????????????????????????????????The Hacienda is called El Paraiso and its located in Diriamba Carazo .its all a true and real Story !I want the Washington Post to cover it !This case is all over La prensa the Zenith and all internet engines !!!!

  • car

    ah yes, commandante danielito! nicaragua is flourishing, awash in riches, nearly non-existent unemployment, near zero inflation, cheap utilities, an incredibly fabulous infrastructure, damn near no corruption whatsoever, and perhaps the world’s best health care system, accessible to each and every person. yes mein furor! alba has done so much for nicaragua and venezuela. especially venezuela, where supermarkets are overflowing with cheap products, crime is at an all time low, and absolutely no one is taking their money out of the country sice they have such incredible faith in their government.

    i am simply amazed that all the idiots in the US and EU haven’t figured out how good alba really is!

  • Jon Cloke

    Well, over here in the UK we too have a corrupt 2-party system based on patronage and clientelism which excludes the ordinary citizen. Like Nicaragua, our country is also run by a small elite composed of old families and newcomers who are dependent on their relationships with multinational corporations that are outside the control of the elites or the goevrnment, particularly in the financial services sector; again, like Nicaragua, the elites here are unaccountable to the law. All we really lack is the massive un- and under-employment that Nicaragua has, and thanks to the insanity of our current government’s ‘austerity’ programmes we shall soon have that too, just like everywhere else in Europe. So be careful what you wish for, presidente!

  • Pedro Arauz

    Why Liberals Behave the Way They Do

    With the country drowning in debt and Medicare and Social Security on high-speed bullet trains to bankruptcy, the entire Democratic Party refuses to acknowledge mathematical facts. Instead, they incite the Democratic mob to hate Republicans by accusing them of wanting to kill old people.

    According to a 2009 report — before Obama added another $5 trillion to the national debt — Obama’s own treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, stated that in less than 10 years, spending on major entitlement programs, plus interest payments on the national debt, would consume 92 cents of every dollar in federal revenue.

    That means no money for an army, a navy, rockets, national parks, food inspectors, air traffic controllers, highways, and so on. Basically, the entire federal budget will be required just to pay for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — and the cost of borrowing money to pay for these programs.
    Democrats don’t worry about how bankrupting Social Security and destroying the job market hurts black people, bitter divorcees and young people, because they can always demagogue these one-party Democratic voters simply by repeating that Republicans are racist, hate women and aren’t cool like Obama.

    The truth is irrelevant; only slogans and fear mongering delight mobs.

    The rest of us are forced to live in a lawless universe of no new pharmaceuticals, foreign doctors, gay marriage, girl soldiers, a health care system run by the post office, and bankrupt Social Security and Medicare systems, because liberals can’t enjoy their wealth unless other people are living in squalor.

    The country will have the economy of Uganda, but Democrats will be in total control.

  • Pedro Arauz

    For all of the above Amendment 2 was created and thank God will be used in due time, the dream goes on….

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  • Peter

    Leftist political bloc, what do you mean leftists, these are extreme MARXIST scum bags, all seeking to be dictators, and they want the US to join that club, are they kidding.

    This is a collection of Marxist scum that now have a Marxist organization called ALBA.

    ALBA has a military school, funded and partially run be the Iranian revolutionary Guard.

    At least two of the ALBA members are supplying uranium to Iran.

    One of ALBA’s aims is the destruction and overthrow of the US. They have a new banking system and a trading currency called the Sucre, the idea is to undermine the US dollar.

    All the ALBA leaders should be regarded as anti American.

    Cuba has fostered Marxist revolution through the Caribbean, Americas and Africa for years. They have been training young people to overthrow their governments. Some of today’s politicians come from the Cuban indoctrination department.

    Remember the Granada revolution, a coup by Marxist lawyer Maurice Bishop. The Cubans then controlled their parliament and even told Bishop to get committee members to take training in how to cook the books and commit fraud against the IMF. There is every possibility that the IMF fraud is being perpetrated again by some of the ALBA members.

    Through ALBA the Cubans have now found a way in overthrowing the capitalist system without all the effort and financial input. They are even reaping rewards from their association with the Chavez run Venezuela.

    Any of you jerks that think you can listen to these Marxist monsters and use their advice, are obviously extremely stupid.