Is Murillo starting a solo campaign?

First lady Rosario Murillo appears posing solo in new posters plastered around Managua

Taking advantage of her soaring popularity in national opinion polls, first lady and self-styled spiritual guru Rosario Murillo appears to be flirting with the idea of a solo project.

A series of new pink posters have suddenly appeared on lampposts around the capital picturing a solitary and grinning Murillo, flashing a two-fingered victory/Sandinista “casilla 2” sign at the camera. Wearing bright red lipstick to match her silk shawl and blinged out with 30 rings and nearly as many necklaces, Murillo’s appearance in the poster clearly heralds her increasing protagonism and pervasiveness in the Sandinista Front.

The first lady made her billboard debut last month during the 33rd anniversary of the “Repliegue Táctico,” when she appeared alongside her husband in the massive sign that served as a backdrop to the political rally. Previous to that, Murillo had appeared only in smaller campaign posters alongside Ortega and Roman Catholic Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo. The new posters around Managua represent her first solo propaganda effort.

Murillo’s influence over the party and the government has increased notably in recent years. So too has her influence over the media. The first lady delivers daily soliloquies on Sandinista media outlets, taking a full 15 minutes to talk breathlessly about the day’s events, political happenings, her spirituality and other loosely related esoteric subject matter.

Murillo’s unique and colorful style seems to be working, as both her influence and popularity grow. A recent M&R Consultants poll shows the first lady is one of the most popular figures in the country, enjoying a 74% favorability rating.

Some have speculated that Murillo aspires to one day succeed her husband as president of Nicaragua—a campaign that already appears to be starting with her new political posters.

  • Ken

    This amazes me. It’s almost impossible in politics to go from the high negatives she had to the high positives she now has. Also, in her case, sorry, I don’t understand why Nicas now regard her so favorably. I understand Daniel’s support–at least he gets the job done (whatever you think of the job he chooses to do)–but isn’t Rosario a borderline incompetent as well as looney? Until now, she has never even had much support within the FSLN, much less among Nicas generally. I find it hard to believe that her increasing control over the neighborhood committees and local officials has translated into this much popular support, or that her public appearances have, so I’m lost. Can someone explain what the hell is going on?

    • Carla Chamorro

      Actually Ken…thanks God for Rosario as she is the end of the Ortega-Murillo era, nobody likes her. Even during the 80’s she was despised and many a time in the iron circle she was named “la bruja” and was never accepted. That’s the reason she now surrounds herself with naive little kids who have no idea but will latter eat he alive (literally…not the other way!)

  • Carla Chamorro

    Toditos mis contactos Orteguistas me aseguran que esto es el comienzo del fin de la aventura Ortega-Murillo ya que NADIE se traga a esta Sra. y es la razón por la que ella se tiene que rodear del zipotero pegando brinquitos,los que no tienen ni la mas *** idea quien es….

  • terrance rogan

    M y R consultants if payed enough would say 74% of those polled believe Rosario is the most beautiful women in Nicaragua.

    • Pedro Arauz

      Well paid they can go as high as 12,456%

  • SAD

    Now Terry that might be the funniest thing I have ever read. Still cant stop laughing.

  • Mr Padila

    So this people Ortega Murillo are to stay for long .They think they are doing fine to Nicaragua .Will take a Very smart,Honest and strong oposition party to dump this people .They are like a cancer well spread all over the inside of the body. Nicaraguan people careful becouse I hear that Murillo love to practic Wichcraft (Brujeria)

  • Flex

    Maybe she thinks that she is Evita Peron’s reincarnation ??
    By the way, everyone calls her “Chamuka”, is it something like Guru, Wich or Bich ???

    • Flex

      Let me finish, ….In the poster with her hand and the two fingers up, it is like in the old days with the “Playboy” magazine to make it look like a bonny, but I’m glad that she didn’t take her clothes off for the picture !!!

  • Mela Pellas

    This is another sign of the War between the rojinegros (the historic sandinistas) and the rosadochichas (the young kids). This posters says “Ortega is out, Murillo is now”. The woman wants to head a new revolution. Even more disastrous than the first. For this time there are no intelectuals or thinking people involved. Just the know nothing of the sandinista youth. God bless Nicaragua.

  • Nica Luke AK-47

    LOL! Wow – Terrance Rogan – Best comment yet!

    M&R have indeed sold out! In fact no press cover should be given to these paid off clowns, if anything they should receive ridicule and props for there extensive use of creative statistic and manipulation abilities.

    Nobody likes Murillo, even those silly young sandinista youth knuckle heads are only with her because they receive a pay check, but still prefer Daniel.

    I love it though, as I agree that it is a signal of the end of the “Sandinistas” Regime, as they say, ” Divide and Conquer”

    Hurrah! Let’s hope that it’s true, and Nicaragua can finally be free of Ortega-Murillo disease!!!