Nicaraguan cops investigate 18 phony journalists

The 18 fake journalists were found with $7 million hidden in their vehicles

(posted Aug. 24, 6:45 p.m.)- The 18 men who were detained Aug. 21 entering Nicaragua under the guise of Mexican journalists are now under investigation for international money laundering and organized crime after Nicaraguan police discovered some $7 million hidden in secret compartments inside the six Chevrolet vans in which the group was traveling.

Nicaraguan Police Chief Aminta Granera announced today that the Mexican Embassy has confirmed that the 18 suspects do not work for Televisa, nor do the vans and camera equipment inside the phony media vans belong to the Mexican media network.

Granera said the police were tipped off by the group’s suspicious behavior at the border; several of the self-proclaimed journalists claimed they were in Nicaragua to film a story about tourism, while others said they were en route to Costa Rica to do an investigative piece on money laundering. It is unclear whether the group has anything to do with the Fariñas-Jimenez drug trial underway in Managua, as first reported.

According to Interpol, several of the Mexican suspects reportedly work for a private security firm in Tampico, Mexico. Granera says the Nicaraguan police investigation continues, but there is sufficient evidence to hold the suspects on charges of international money laundering and organized crime.

  • Pedro Arauz

    Well, I hope you know what this means…?
    Not being able to buy their way out soon beheaded corpses are to appear all over Nicaragua. The factura will be for Mr. Ortega telling him not to interfere in the carte’l business as the cartel down’t interfere in Ortega’s merienda with the petrodolares from Chavez.
    Just wait…

  • roberto

    The police actually counted a total of $9.7 million according to “La Prensa”.
    I guess the Ortega’s family have some more money to spent on business and less for the people.

  • Silvio Montes

    Tha is the new way of money remmitance!

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