Strong tremor shakes Nicaragua

(posted Aug. 3, 10:10 a.m.)- Parts of Nicaragua’s Pacific coast were rocked by a 4-magnitude tremor at 9:40 a.m, according to Greyving Arguello, the on-duty seismologist at the Nicaraguan Institute for Territorial Studies (INETER). The epicenter of the quake was 3 kilometers northeast of the Laguna de Masaya, with a depth of only 200 meters, according to INETER.

The quake was felt strongly in Masaya, Managua, Granada and surrounding towns.

At 10:0o a.m., officials from INETER had still not determined whether the quake caused any serious damage or injuries.

There have been five aftershocks reported in the first 30 minutes since the initial quake, according to INETER. More aftershocks can be expected, according to seismologist Arguello.

The quake, which only lasted a second, was one of the strongest reported in the area since 2000, when a 5.1-magnitude quake caused considerable damage to Masaya.

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