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Gentle Reader,

The free press is not without cost. As The Nicaragua Dispatch turns 10 months old and nears 1 million pageviews, it’s time to ask you, dear friend, for support to continue.

Our readership numbers, which continue to grow each month, suggest there are many of you out there in the cyber ether who appreciate our service. So now is the time to show it.

Since we launched in October 2011, we have endeavored to be an online community newspaper with a global readership and relevance. We have reported daily on Nicaragua and all its wonderful complexities, bringing you stories that encourage chortle and glee, as well as those that make you shake your head in disgust or wonderment. Nicaragua is all that—tender, perplexing, infuriating and deeply enchanting.

In the spirit of democracy and inclusion, we have tried our best to involve as many diverse viewpoints and opinions as possible, which is not an easy task in this country, or anywhere else. We’ve succeeded sometimes and failed others, but we keep striving to be as complex, embracing and unpredictable as Nicaragua itself.

Now we need your help to keep the pot boiling. The Nicaragua Dispatch needs to raise at least $12,000 in reader contributions to cover our costs for the next six months. If you like The Nicaragua Dispatch, please consider donating $25 or more (that’s less than $.04 for each article we’ve published). A $100 donation gets you listed on the site as a “Friend of the Nicaragua Dispatch” – a distinction that will restore honor to your family and make you a hero in the community.

If you don’t like us, for whatever undiagnosed condition you may be struggling with silently, please give only $99 and rest assured you won’t be included on our friend list.

Thank you for reading and supporting The Nicaragua Dispatch,

Tim Rogers

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  • Carla Chamorro

    I just sent you a donation, it’s a test and more will follow!
    Thanks for the work you do Tim!