US Embassy helps restore colonial church in Madriz

US Embassy helps restore colonial church in Madriz

The María Magdalena de Totogalpa Church in the northern department of Madriz has been restored to its original colonial grandeur thanks to a $113,694 donation from the U.S. Embassy’s Cultural Preservation Fund, according a U.S. Embassy release.

María Magdalena de Totogalpa (courtesy of US Embassy)

“Through our cooperation we have preserved this precious jewel of colonial architecture in northeastern Nicaragua that has been and, I hope, will continue to be a cultural center and unifying force for all of you,” U.S. Ambassador Phyllis Powers said during the inauguration of the restoration church on Aug. 24.

The embassy’s Fund for Cultural Preservation was established in 2001 by the U.S. Congress as a way to show “a face of the United States that is neither commercial, nor political, nor military.”

In addition to the church restoration in Totogalpa, the embassy is also helping to restore the baroque-style altar in Nandaime’s Santa Ana Church, the conservation of the archeological pieces of the “Gregorio Aguilar Barea” Museum in Juigalpa, and three other projects to inventory and protect Pre-Columbian patrimony in the central region of the country.

More information about the projects is available here

  • B. Gordillo

    Thanks for this. A couple of corrections, if you don’t mind. The source which provided the funding to restore the church in Totogalpa does not come from the US Embassy in Managua (as suggested), although they do facilitate the application process, but the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation. You can read more on the history of the fund and nearly ten years worth of annual reports here: Also, aside from Totogalpa, whose project just closed, those in Nanadaime and Juigalpa completed theirs a while back and are, therefore, no longer being helped, but done. Both sites are impressive and well worth a visit. The Ambassadors Fund has contributed immensely to preserving aspects of cultural patrimony around the world. It is especially inspiring to see how much good and lasting work has been achieved in Nicaragua since the fund’s inception. Thanks.