Machismo leads to murder in Managua disco

21-year-old university student shot dead on dance floor for dancing with someone else's girlfriend

(posted Sept. 23, 12:00 p.m.)- Jealousy and machismo led to the murder of a young Nicaraguan university student who was shot dead on the dance floor of Managua disco “Broder” for dancing with someone else’s girlfriend early Saturday morning, according to La Prensa.

Bayardo Pérez, a 21-year-old university student from Chinandega, was shot at pointblank in the chest by a jelous boyfriend who came to the disco looking for his girlfriend and found her dancing with victim. Pérez bled to death on the dance floor while security allegedly hid in the bathroom, according to the report in La Prensa.

The gunman, identified in the press as Luis Alexander Cordero, then shot himself in the leg to make it seem like he was acting in self defense, according to witnesses. He is now under police watch in the hospital, as officials investigate the crime.

Pérez was studying dentistry in the Catholic University (Unica).

  • Joe Jones

    Geez, this sounds like L.A.? Guns in disco’s are not a good thing!

  • tomdelgato

    The use of guns is pretty unusual in Nicaragua. Machetes, yes. Guns, not so much.

  • Donna Tabor

    It truly hurts to read of the sad waste of a life …..because of a dance? Actually it’s more than one human life: where does the perpetrator go from here…and how does this sad situation affect the girl who was at the center of the petty jealousy? And the families of the victim and the gunaman….?

  • Jim Lynch

    Machismo = stupid. Don’t understand why these incredibly smart, beautiful and hard working latin girls put up with that nonsense.

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