Mitofsky: Ortega still ‘highly evaluated’

The Sandinista president’s approval rating has dipped a few points but is still at 59%, the Mexican polling firm claims

(posted Sept. 24, 3:40 p.m.)- President Daniel Ortega’s approval rating fell two percentage points but not enough to knock him out of the final spot in the “highly evaluation” category for Latin American presidents, according to a comparative survey released Sunday afternoon by Mexican polling firm Consulta Mitofsky.

Among Latin American leaders, President Ortega is ranked seventh overall in approval rating, with 59%, according to Mitofsky. Though that’s not quite as impressive as the 80% approval rating that Sandinista polling firm Siglo Nuevo gave Ortega last June, it’s still enough to keep the Nicaraguan leader in the top half of hemispheric leaders.

President Daniel Ortega (GRAPHOS Producciones)

“Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua closes out the list (of “highly evaluated” presidents) with 59% of the citizenry in agreement with how he is running the country,” Mitofsky reports. “He fell two percentage points from the previous poll in January, but not enough to leave the category of highly evaluated.”

Ahead of Ortega in the “highly evaluated” category, which groups the presidents who have approval ratings between 55-70%, are: Otto Pérez of Guatemala, with a 69% approval rating; Hugo Chávez of Venezuela (64%); Dilma Russef of Brazil (62%); and Leonel Fernández of the Dominican Republic, with 61%.

Leading the pack, with “exceptional evaluations,” are Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, with 80% approval rating, and El Salvador’s Mauricio Funes, with 72%.

In the middle of the herd are Colombia’s Juan Manuel Santos (54%), Panama’s Ricardo Martinelli (52%), U.S. President Barack Obama (49%), and Mexico’s Felipe Calderón, 46%.

Bringing up the rear are Honduras’ Porfirio Lobo (14% approval rating) and Costa Rica’s Laura Chinchilla, who is in dead last with 13%.

  • Lucio Rangel

    What ‘s F**k is “highly evaluated” ?

    The survey indicates 59% and that what it is…Period!