Nicaragua Dispatch photo leads to new revelation in case of phony Mexican journalists

(posted Sept. 14, 12:30 p.m.)- A photograph published in The Nicaragua Dispatch Aug. 28 has apparently led to new revelations in case of the 18 phony Mexican journalists busted in Nicaragua last month with $9.2 million in alleged drug money hidden in six vans painted with Televisa’s logo.

The photo, taken by GRAPHOS Produccions for The Nicaragua Dispatch, shows one of the confiscated van’s Mexico City license plates reading “571-XXD.” Mexican media network Aristegui Noticias ran the plate number in Mexico City and found that the van is indeed registered in the name of Televisa, and the vehicle has not been reported missing or stolen.

“A photograph published by the daily The Nicaragua Dispatch on August 28 shows the front license plate of the vehicle in the presentation the police did with detained suspects…which matches with the registry (of motor vehicles) in Mexico City,” Aristegui Noticias reports.

The Mexican news agency says that three of the six detained vehicles indeed belong to Televisa. Grupo Televisa released a statement yesterday insisting that none of the vehicles painted with their logo detained in Nicaragua were “acquired or registered with any authority by this company.”

Televisa denies any connection to the vans or the fake journalists.

  • David Cardin

    I would think it would be a standard procedure to run plates to identify the vehicles, why is it such a “scoop”? Are the police needing misc. photographs to get to the bottom of a 9.2M hiest? Wow-wie zow-wie Bat Man!

  • kelvin

    David, you missed the point. Maybe you should re-read the article (and the stuff between the lines as well).

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  • Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde

    @Kelvin, yes especially the denial by Televisa is a real mind-bender :)