Nicaragua expresses solidarity with US

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega today expressed his solidarity with the United States following yesterday’s attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya, which killed four U.S. diplomats, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

First Lady Rosario Murillo read the letter of condolence to her family’s media outlets and said it would be delivered to the U.S. Ambassador to pass on to President Barack Obama and the families of the U.S. victims.

“The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity energetically condemns the terrorist acts in Bengasi, Libya,” the letter reads. “The President of the Republic, Comandante Daniel Ortega Saavedra, has been emphatic in denouncing and condemning all acts of terrorism against civilization and justice in every part of the world.”

The letter continues, “This afternoon, the Coordinator of the Council of Communication and Citizenry has transmitted officially to the Ambassador of the United States in Nicaragua, Ms. Phillis Powers [sic], the strong condemnation of our president and our government of these irrational criminal acts, in keeping with our categorical position in defending the sanctity of diplomatic embassies according to international conventions.”

Nicaragua’s emphatic defense of diplomatic sanctity could also be interpreted as a message of political solidarity with ALBA ally Ecuador, which is in the midst of a tense diplomatic standoff with Great Britain over the fate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London since June to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over sexual assault claims.

Last week, Sandinista lawmakers unilaterally passed a declaration in the National Assembly condemning Great Britain’s perceived threats against Ecuador’s Embassy in London. The declaration said the British “threat of assault” against Ecuador’s Embassy constituted a “threat to sovereignty” and a “violation of principals of international law.”

The Sandinista government was not so outspoken in defending diplomatic sanctity when members of their own party physically attacked the U.S. Embassy in 2009 with rocks and mortars, causing some $17,000 in damages. Several hours after the attack on the embassy began, it took a direct phone call from then Ambassador Robert Callahan to the chief of police to get cops to respond and restore order.

Instead of denouncing that attack, the Sandinista government rewarded the mob leader Bosco Castillo by appointing him executive director of the Nicaraguan Institute of Youth (INJUVE).

The Nicaraguan government’s letter to the U.S. Embassy today has a much more compassionate tone, following an attack that was much more violent.

“The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity reiterates its commitment to a world free from injustice, intolerance, extremism and the cruelty that these destructive actions imply,” concludes the government’s letter of solidarity.

  • Mauricio N

    The Sandinistas (or Orteguistas to be more specific) have, are and will never be my cup of tea, but the fact that ambassador Callahan had the nerve to send a $17,000 bill for the damages to the embassy is quite an LOL after considering the fact that the International Court of Justice in The Hague determined that the US owed Nicaragua billions of dollars for it’s “low intensity” war in the 1980’s and the Reagan administration just brushed it off with a “that’s not a valid sentence” reply. I guess it was just the US govt giving the Sandinistas a small taste of their own medicine by billing them for damage expenses that the other side considers not binding. Just saying.

  • pcp

    The democratically (and constitutionally) elected administration of President Violeta Chamorro dropped its claim from the International Court in 1991 and the Court subsequently issued an order removing Nicaragua’s case from its list. Yes, Ambassador Callahan had every right to forward the bill to the FSLN. Would it be more logical that the US taxpayers foot that bill? LOL. Perhaps the Juventud Sandinista will host a car wash on the Carretera a Masaya to raise the $17K. Or, I am sure ALBANISA has a petty cash account from where they could withdraw the funds. Just saying…..

  • Carla Chamorro

    Apologizing for America, appeasing our enemies, abandoning our allies and slashing our military are the hallmarks of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy. The Obama economy, with its high unemployment, massive debt and out-of-control spending, has rightly demanded our attention. As we head to the polls in November, we cannot ignore what is an even more dismal national-security record. An America already weakened by four years of an Obama presidency will be unrecognizable after eight.

    • pcp

      good points, Carla

    • Jack Daniels

      You are right on target, Carla. Obama did not grow up in the true culture of the EEUU as he lived in Indonesia and Hawaii under the influence of a Muslim father & stepfather and Marxist mother. He is anti-American when it comes to capitalism and the growth and prosperity it offers to all and any of its citizens who want to work and prosper. He has learned the style of rhetoric that has so long influenced elections in Centro America and Europe. That is, that the people belong to the government, not that the government belongs to the people. He worthless promises are that the government will always take care of you. That results in more than 50% of the United States citizens being dependent on the government now. That stifles free trade, investing and growth….hence the current state of the economy. We can see the lessons learned from that philosophy today in the European economy and it was what destroyed the former Soviet Union. People will not work, or work as hard if everything is guaranteed and provided them, so no one propers and the people all become dependent on the politicians. It was not reported in the EEUU liberal media but only in the balanced media that Obama’s first statement regarding the Libyan Embassy and its murders of the EEUU’s amabassadors was an apologetic one because the EEUU had some citizens (actually very stupid citizens) who had insulted and upset the Muslims. Obama is a very smooth speaker, but as we have learned the main mark of character of a man is not what he says, but what he does.

      • Ben

        Jack, what hat are you pulling these facts from? “…50% of US citizens dependent on the government…” Come On!!! Obama’s “…first statement regarding the Libyan Embassy…was an apologetic one…”? You are referring to a tweet from the embassy staff that was meant to defuse the ugliness that was coming – and sent BEFORE THE ATTACK. It was not Obama’s. But you’re in good company; Romney also shot from the hip.

        You are right on about the …(actually very stupid citizens).

      • Erik Jota

        You’re absolutely right, Jack. We Europeans don’t work at all. Why should we? Everything we need (and more) is provided to us by our governments. We always have a big laugh at those poor Americans who actually have to wake up at 06:00, a time when we’re still busy spending our free money on, let’s say: Jack D.

  • Ted

    Carla, no seas tan pendeja.

    • CNN

      Ted creo que el pendejo eres tu por tu respuesta vulgar ante un comentario valido!

  • car

    All this stupid american political bs has no place here. either make relevant comments or find a political forum to spew your partisan crap.

  • AguaMan

    All we know that the meaning of the word and the written word can be false. And even more so if that word comes from a person who is accustomed to contradict his word with their performances. I am referring to the letter of condolence of the Sr president Ortega and his wife Ms. Murillo, were published in the local media. The analytical report in Nicaragua Dispatch suggests a dual objective of the letter of condolence. One is the intention to recognize the inviolability of diplomatic headquarters, only to promote the position of Ecuador in the diplomatic conflict with England. And another is a false compassion. No compassion is expected of one that promotes 365 days a year fighting against the empire of the American government. Mr. Ortega and other militants of the group of the FSLN still using that slogan for his personal enrichment through the political power that they succeeded with the help of a people that belived in their words and unlike them are still waiting for work, justice and a better life

  • Carlos Briones

    They say that pampers and politicians ought to be changed for the same reason. This article sheds light of Ortega’s true feelings for the US. His anti-imperialism rhetoric reminds me of China – where the pseudo-communists embrace capitalism with both arms while feeding kool-aid to their billion-plus constituents. The bottom line is that Ortega and his hideous first chusma is no christian, socialist or anything remotely close to what he preaches – he is a shrewed chameleon who plays a nice tune to the destitute, inept, and ignorant populace it governs.