Nicaragua frees Panamanian journalists

(posted Sept. 5, 7:45 p.m.)- The National Police today released four Panamanian journalists who were detained last weekend on suspicion of illicit activity for trying to cross the country in two media vans. Police Chief Aminta Granera told La Prensa that the police’s investigation failed to produce any indication of wrongdoing.

The Panamanian journalists were detained Saturday night when they crossed the border from Honduras and said they were returning to Panama after covering a soccer game in El Salvador. Nicaraguan police, who suspected the Panamanians were up to no good after recently busting another group of 18 Mexicans who were smuggling $9.2 million aboard six fake Televisa vans, detained the Panamanians for four days as they investigated their vehicles.

The Panamanian Embassy in Managua today reportedly sent a missive asking for the release of the Panamanian journalists, who were sent on their way this afternoon.

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