Nicaragua on ‘green alert’ for earthquake in Managua

(posted Sept. 6, 9:10 p.m.)- The Nicaraguan Government has just put Managua on “green alert” for a possible earthquake following a string of 11 strong tremors in the Lake Managua basin over the past two hours, according to First Lady Rosario Murillo.

“We have had 11 tremors in Lake Managua. Responsibly we have to communicate to the population of Managua that we should be on alert and vigilant and follow all the instructions that specialists give us,” Murillo told her family’s media outlets.

Murillo did not explain what “green alert” means, or how people should react to that bit of information while awaiting further instructions.

Murillo said the government’s National System for Mitigation and Response to Disasters (SINAPRED) will be giving a press conference with more information.