Prosecutor accused of stabbing waiter in Bluefields

Denis Ingran is recovering after getting stabbed (courtesy of END/ Suyen Sánchez)

(posted Sept. 24, 2:50 p.m.)- Authorities in the southern Caribbean town of Bluefields remain tightlipped after a local waiter was reportedly stabbed in the chest Friday night by a state prosecutor who was allegedly trying to skip out on his bar tab, El Nuevo Diario reports.

Denis Ingran, 21, is reportedly recovering in the “Ernesto Sequeira Blanco” regional hospital in Bluefields after getting stabbed in the chest for trying to charge a state prosecutor and his police officer drinking buddy after the two men spent their Friday night consuming liquor in a local bar known as “Stragos.”

The newspaper reports the men tried to leave the bar without paying their tab. Ingran ran after them in the parking lot, where the prosecutor allegedly stabbed him. Both the prosecutor and police officer reportedly fled the scene.

Ingran was taken to the hospital by the owner of the bar.

  • Joe Jones

    Why didn’t they just call the police? Oh, I get it!