Thanks to readers who supported ND fund drive

A very special thanks to all the generous readers who supported ND’s fund drive this year. 

In total, 90 readers made donations. I realize every organization is asking for money these days, so I feel honored that so many of you gave to this cause.

It’s encouraging to see there is still grassroots support for an independent media project, even in difficult times for the media industry and free press in general.

Thanks to everyone who helped out,


  • steve

    hi tim/ i meant to send a donation/ can i still do so and how. but more to the point. i have (not) noticed any coverage of the 2 belgian guys who had their “gay” b and b raided back in march/ and subsequently jailed/ along with several bystanders/ released for months/ and now have been found guilty (sept 03)/ currently facing years in prison. hundreds of us gay folks who met them ( jan/frances)/ having stayed at their accomodations/ are appaled by the court system/ jail conditions/ apparent total lack of transparency on the part of the police who appear to have targeted a gay establishment/ at the same time that underage “straight” prostitution appears blantantly in the open in Granada’s central park. I’m not tryying to be judge and jury/ in fact there seems to be minimal information out there (if it’s even reliable) on the entire situation. i know many of my co/ homos (gay folks are allowed to call each other homo/ queer/ dear/ slut/ it’s a cultural phenomenon) who visited nicaragua often/ planned on possibly retiring there/ and investing considerable money and time volunteering. jan and frances in fact had created jobs for over 30 nicos/ from housekeeping to construction/ window, door, cabinetry / they even bought the machinery to make the origional antique floor tiles used thru-out Granada/ this alone employed several nico men. everyone i spoke with or heard about has left granada/ very few if any plan to return. we all felt safe in nicaragua/ especially Granada/ it seemed like a very caring/ hospitable/ open m inded town. yes there are bad folks/ gay and straight/ but the facts need to “come out”. so many of us want to return but honestly are truly fearful of what appears to be a “homophobic” sting. please, please, please, for the sake of everyone directly and indirectly involved/ INVESTIGATE and report .Granada now has 40 unemployed more persons and hundreds more that would have been given jobs by a significant number of gay folks who would have needed construction/ housekeeping/ gardening/ and eventually caretakers. everyone i know also desired to adopt a family/ help educate the kids and we all had the goal of getting ia kid or two into higher education. please read what you can on joluva blogspot/ also on “doin costa rica”/ the guy there/ michael can probably give you more details than anyone else/ . . jan and frances had hundreds of friends in Granada(nicos). please do the right thing!!! i have planned on moving to Granada for the last 3 years/ i’ve visited 7 times/ i started teaching the streetkids on the calzada unicycling/ with the ideas of starting a small street performance troupe with the goal of having 6/8/10 or more kids rise above begging and earning a true living by entertaining the tourists. and it was working, every evening that we practiced they got donations and many folks askjed what i was trying to accomplish. one guy from maryland that saw us practicing even told me that when i needed more unicycles/ give him a call and he’s send several down. this generosity occured repeatedly. these kids can be saved. i’ve sold my belongings/ home, i’m ready to move/ i applied for rentista residency/ and now i’m scared shitless to be vulgar. i write this honestly and with tears in my eyes!! steve