US Veterans to hold important benefits briefing on Oct. 20

On Saturday, Oct. 20 at 11 a.m., Mr. Abdiel Gutierrez, VA Representative from Florida, Mr. Alejandro Melgar, CEO Healthcare Alliance Corp. and Mr. Humberto Butcher, a veteran, will conduct a briefing on veterans’ benefits at Mi Museo on Calle Atrevezada, across street from BanCentro Granada.

All U.S. veterans are invited, and we encourage all vets to pass this info on to other vets. Please contact all the veterans you may know and tell them about this.

The VA benefits-orientation briefing will provide veterans with important information pertaining to several types of VA service-connected disability benefits that veterans may be eligible for. The meeting will clarify the proper procedures to follow when submitting claims.

There are many of us veterans who live day-to-day with service-connected medical problems that we do not bother to claim because we consider it a bureaucratic hassle, or can’t find the time or don’t understand the paperwork. I speak from experience.

This briefing on Oct. 20 will be packed with useful information that will help benefits realize that it isn’t that difficult to claim benefits that you have already earned. Having your benefits covered by the VA will give you access to medical attention, medications and other benefits you may be disregarding.

The VA benefits-orientation briefing has also proven to be extremely helpful to those veterans who are covered by the VA. Many changes to policy may improve benefits received by the veteran.

It is very important that as many veterans as possible attend this briefing. It is veterans helping veterans realize our benefits. And these are benefits we have earned, not granted.


  • Keith K

    The Briefing has been changed to 11:00 am, same place, same date.
    Also I miss-typed Mr. Buthcher’s name it is with B not V. Corrections made, I’m sure all Veterans thank Nicaragua Dispatch for this article, and we encourage all to attend.

    • Tim Rogers

      I made the changes in the article, Keith. Thanks.

  • Keith K

    If anyone knows any Veterans that may have not read this article, please advise them of the briefing and encourage them to attend. As yet, we have no way of contacting Veterans that live in Managua, or other parts of Nicaragua, also we can arrange transportation from Managua and Masaya, if we can find enough Vets.

    • Jack Griffin

      Is a reservation required? I’m a vet living in Managua and I plan to be there.

      • Keith K

        No reservation needed. We are looking for as many Vets to attend that can, from all over Nicaragua. If you know any, please advise them. I would like some idea of how many from other than Granada will attend. Also, if a number from Managua or ‘inroute’ to Granada, we may be able to arrange a bus for transport.

  • rafael c. wilson

    i am a veteran going to keiser university in san marcos, im trying to find some info on where i can get medical attention please help. de oppresso liber!