blueEnergy brings light to rural health clinic

The health clinic in Rama Cay is in a dire state with a rusted leaky roof, gates that don’t close and access to only eight hours of electricity each day provided by a diesel generator.

According to head nurse María McCrea, the three-room clinic receives no help from The Nicaraguan Health Ministry (MINSA) and patients are required to bring their own candles if they have to stay overnight. So blueEnergy recently teamed up with WE CARE Solar to help shed some light on the situation. 

blueEnergy installed solar panels on the roof of the health clinic

WE CARE Solar designs portable, cost-effective “solar suitcases” that power critical lighting, mobile communication devices, and medical devices in impoverished areas without reliable electricity. By equipping off-grid medical clinics with solar power for medical and surgical lighting, WE CARE solar facilitates timely and appropriate emergency care, which greatly reduces maternal and infant morbidity and mortality.

The solar suitcase is a complete 12-volt lighting package with battery, charge controller, waterproof LED lights and cellphone charging adapters that are neatly set in a portable plastic box. Usage habits are monitored monthly and the information will be sent to WE CARE Solar to help improve future versions of the solar suitcase.

blueEnergy supplied the solar panel and connected the device in the health clinic with the help of two French interns, Antoine and Claire. The installation was led by blueEnergy staff member, Chris Sparadeo and members of the community pitched in to help make sure the install went smoothly.

There is much work still to be done in the clinic in Rama Cay, but now that they have the solar suitcase, at least they won’t be working in the dark.

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