Cabrera steals N.L. lead with 4 swipes

Nicaraguan speedster now has a league-leading 41 stolen bases on the season, with one week to go in the regular season

(posted Oct. 1, 7:40 a.m.)- Nicaraguan speed demon Everth Cabrera loves to run on Sundays.

After swiping three bases on Sept. 23 in San Francisco, he stole four bases against the Giants at home yesterday to take the lead in the National League with 41 steals and only one week to go in the regular season.

Nicaragua’s Everth Cabrera is hoping to steal his way into the record books (photo/ Tim Rogers)

Amazingly, Cabrera managed to steal four bases on just two walks, in the third and fifth innings of the game. Both times, Cabrera stole second and third on the next two pitches. The Giants knew he was going to steal each time—even throwing pitchouts to give the catcher Héctor Sánchez an advantage—but they still couldn’t catch the fleet-footed and headfirst-diving Cabrera.

Cabrera’s speed was so overwhelming to the San Francisco catcher, that he didn’t even draw a throw as he stole third base in the third inning, and then caused a wild throw into left field in the fifth, scoring easily on the error after swiping third base again.

After the game, Padres manager Bud Black seemed almost apologetic for Cabrera’s aggressiveness on the base paths.

“Well, that’s Cabby’s game, that’s what Cabby does—he’s an aggressive base-stealer; he wants to run,” Black told reporters. “You look at all the good ones; you look at all the base-stealers and the one trait they have in common is they are fearless, they attack, they are the ones who set the tone. All the good ones. You go back in history and they always have that common trait. They want to run. Their intent is to steal. And the thing about it is the other team knows it too.

“There are maybe a handful of 10 guys in all of baseball who have that true capability of being a true base-stealer; they have the instincts, the fearlessness and the speed. Cabby falls in that category of the modern base-stealer,” Black added.

Watch video of Cabrera’s performance here.


  • No Basura

    That would be tremendous to have a Nicaraguan win a major league category. Too bad he had something to do to help knock the Dodgers into a spin that might end up not in the Playoffs, his speed really makes the pitcher and catcher force things, like the ball thrown into left field. A walk and then eventually a run. What excitement when he’s on base.