Garden Concerts presents Perrozompopo

Ramón Mejía will perform a special two-night concert on Oct. 19 and 20. RSVP today!

We are thrilled to announce our next Garden Concerts on Oct. 19 and 20 (Friday & Saturday) with internationally celebrated Nicaraguan musician Ramón Mejía (Perrozompopo).

Perrozompopo is the artistic name of this extremely talented Nicaraguan singer/songwriter who comes from a family of famous music makers. Perrozompopo’s music reflects a generation of young Nicaraguans who were shaped by the ideological and social changes of our country. His songs distill the essence of war, poverty, repression, marginalization, the church, corruption, friends, love and disappointment.

These powerful lyrics are blended with soulful music—a combination of rock, ballad, and even rap, reggae, and other Latin American musical influences.

Perrozompopo played at the concert organized by Deine Stimme gegen Armut in Rostock, Germany during the G8 Summit 2007. He was a Latin Grammy Award nominee for “Best Alternative Music Album” for his album “Canciones Populares Constetatarias” (CPC).

This special, two-night concert will charge a cover of C$80 cordobas (US$3.40). The money collected at the door will go directly to the artist to support the local music scene in a country where musicians often struggle to make a living. So please come share these nights of music with us at Garden Café and help support Nicaraguan artists!

There is limited seating available, so please RSVP today. Reservations will be taken only by “Facebook Private Messages”, by phone (2552-8582), or in person.

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