Rural health clinic hires doctor with donated funds

Thanks to the generous donations from our supporters, The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in Rivas has been able to expand our medical team by hiring a new physician, Dr. Sebastian Villalta. This addition means that we now have second doctor on board to cover the busiest days of the week and also provide consultations on weekends.

This is the first time since we opened our doors in 2004 that we will be able to have full medical and nursing services 24/7!

On Fridays, Dr. Villalta’s will cover general patient services, allowing for Dr. Flores to concentrate solely on seeing patients who require ultrasound services.

Dr. Villalta received his medical degree from UNAN. He specialized in gynecology and obstetrics at Hospital Bertha Calderon and in pediatrics at Hospital Fernando Vélez Paiz. He has worked at many different hospitals thrououghout the country and has over 20 years of experience. He has received high evaluative marks in his initial preformance at our clinic.

Dr. Villalta is an addition to the new health resources we are bringing to our community, such as Ultrasound, Pediatric, Dental Services and Laboratory services, which are provided once a week.

Our Clinic, located at the south west of the country in Limon1, Rivas, also treats emergency and life-threatening cases where our team can stabilize a patient while they are transported to the main hospital in Rivas. We depend of your donations to maintain this project and to continue proving the health care to remote community.

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Juan Muñoz is Executive Director of the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, a nonprofit organization that supplies low-cost medical care to thousands of people living in isolated villages and surrounding communities in southwest Nicaragua.

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