Santos calls for new world order

Nicaragua’s foreign minister blasts ‘savage capitalism’ and calls for a new UN Charter

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Samuel Santos wasted little time in his address to the UN General Assembly—three sentences and two breaths, to be exact—to get into Sandinista boilerplate about “savage capitalism” and the need for a new world order.

“The current situation in our world demonstrates how governance seen and exercised from the perspective of global, savage capitalism, as it was called by the Holy Pope John Paul II, is taking us to the edge of civilization instead of becoming a factor for positive transformation, as we were led to believe it would,” Santos said in his Sept. 28 address to UN General Assembly.

Santos—a rather successful capitalist in his own right as owner of the popular Las Mercedes Hotel, a sizable coffee farm tourism project outside of Managua, and several other lucrative family businesses holdings—said the global capitalist model is failing (although not him personally) and that the UN must be “reinvented” to adapt to new world challenges.

Nicaragua, it turns out, has just the plan to make that happen.

“We Nicaraguans have the honor of having taken this initiative. Our brother, former Foreign Minister of Nicaragua and President of the 63rd General Assembly (Miguel d’Escoto), together with President Daniel Ortega and other great present-day thinkers, have taken on the task of developing a project for the reinvention of the United Nations System,” Santos told the general assembly. “We say reinvention because the present organization can no longer be reformed; the reforms that have been proposed up to now have not progressed due the politics of some permanent members of the Security Council. In the name of the people of Nicaragua, I invite all of you to give a tremendous push to this project which seeks to concretize a new United Nations Charter that guarantees democratization of the Organization.”

Santos then mentioned a series of other international issues that are also important to his government: He demanded an “immediate and unconditional end” to the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba; “unrestricted support” for Ecuador’s diplomatic mission in London, which is providing a safe haven for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange; support for the peace process in Colombia; support for Argentina’s “sovereign rights over the Malvinas Islands;” and support for Puerto Rico’s full independence.

Santos offered particularly adulatory support for Venezuela’s strongman leader Hugo Chávez, who is trying to get himself reelected again next Sunday.

“We demand respect for the sovereignty and independence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which faces a wave of conspiratorial actions seeking to destabilize and destroy the Democratic Bolivarian Revolution project and the popular interests, thus undermining the enormous social and economic gains of the great and courageous effort of the Venezuelan people, and the visionary leadership of President Hugo Chávez,” Santos sniffed.

In the Middle East, Santos said Nicaragua is in favor of peace in Iran, supportive of the idea of a Palestinian State, and upset by the thought of foreign intervention in Syria, which he called “unacceptable” and likened to U.S. support for the contras in the 1980s.

“This form of aggression was already condemned by the International Court of Justice in 1986 in the Nicaragua vs. United States case,” Santos said.

Closer to home, Santos demanded more U.S. support for the war on drugs in Central America.

Santos also pointed to Latin America’s efforts at regional integration—ALBA, SICA and CELAC—as models for a “new world governance.”

“There is no way out for the present global order and its institutions. Only this new effort to deeply transform the economy, politics, society and culture is making headway; only this effort will endure as the fruit of the best of our human nature and our history,” Santos said. “The other world, the world that refuses change, the world of war and human misery, the world of the apocalypse being announced on television as a novelty, will succumb. The hope of the future for which we struggle will grow and shine on the remains of that world.”

  • chavalo808

    Really?? How are you going to talk bad about the remove embargos and then ask them to help with the drug war in Nicaragua…oh, and can’t forget how they showed up in D.C. to practically beg for extension on the waivers earlier this year…I feel bad for the Nicaraguans who are trying to make a real difference in the country, and then have to listen to clowns like Santos and Ortega.

  • Rolando

    I find the Government’s backing of the Assad regime to be ethically and morally repugnant. How can a Government, which links itself to the overthrow of the Somoza family dynastic dictatorship support a similar dynastic dictatorship elsewhere, especially given where “el pueblo” has on a grass roots level risen up to say enough is enough?

  • Jack Daniels

    Right on Chavalo808!!! What a load of crap. Really?? The beginning of the story tells it all and shows what hypocrites they are. They are like many other foreign “leaders” (dictators) who condemn the capitalism that allows its citizens to become educated, grow and prosper while at the same time repressing those same poor people they claim to support, all the while becoming fatter and richer at their expense. And also in bed with that lunatic Hugo Chavez no less, who by the way sells his oil to Nica’s “leaders” at a reduced price but by the time it gets to the consumer’s pump the price is inflated to above the CA average due to “fees” that end up in the people like Ortega and Santos pockets.

  • Martin

    WTF???, here is yet another clown of the marxist regime that steals, plunders and robs its people

  • http://no Damian

    The financial system is broken, the UN is broken and so is the US political system. A political system that is based on capital can not be “democratic”. If you want to become a contender in the US presidential race you can only achieve this if you are being backed up by big capital. Regarding the U.N. : This institution is crucial for world peace/world management and the only reason that it is failing is due to the 5 powerful nations with their veto rights. They veto everything that goes against their “national interests”. It would be wise to modify the U.N system.

  • El Macho Raton Rivense

    oh wow.. this is comical

    “together with President Daniel Ortega and other great present-day thinkers” jajaja– yeah.. Ortega a “thinker” jaja that is rich!

    lets see what else:
    “He demanded an “immediate and unconditional end” to the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba;”.. so basically he is saying he wants “savage capitalism” to enter cub, no. The US embargo has helped Cuba shield itslef against capitalism ,whicih needs world trad/global economy to surviva and expand.

    “support for Puerto Rico’s full independence.”.. last time I checked, 64% of Puerto Ricans do not wan full independeance. They want to keep on bein born American citizens.

    The rest on middle east and venezuela is cockamaney… he also fails to mention Russia´s ever increasing military sales and aid to Syria government forces… Russia is playing the part of the USA now, suppoting a losing dictatorship.

    Santos is a joke!

  • NicaPumpkin

    What a crazy SoB…this guy is seriously mentally ill…

  • The Bride

    Looks like another Marxist has been reading Revelation…….oh there WILL be a New World Order, headed by the Antichrist himself…..get ready….it’s coming sooner than you think….probably right after the Rapture deals the final blow to the world’s gasping economies…..the nations will be begging for a ‘leader’ to bring order out of chaos……if you’re left behind, just don’t EVER take the mark, once you do, your eternal fate is sealed. Jesus Christ is coming for His soon; the gift of pardon is free; flee from the 7 year wrath to come. MARANATHA!