Solid police work leads to arrests in Leon

Police traced the black-market sale of an iPhone to arrest the killer in less than one week

LEÓN—Wilman Wilfredo Sevilla, 19, is in police custody and has confessed to the murder of 43-year-old Lenin Moisés Bermúdez after a comprehensive and speedy police investigation traced the sale of a stolen iPhone through the black markets of León and led the cops to the killer’s door.

 Fonseca’s girlfriend, Maykelin Guillet, 20, was also arrested for her role as an accomplice in the stabbing-murder of Bermúdez. 

Bermúdez’s body was found in his home by his maid on the morning of Oct.11. He had been stabbed more than 20 times.

The sale of a stolen iPhone led police to the killer

Initially it was believed that the murder was a hate crime and that Bermúdez was targeted for being homosexual; Marcelo Martínez, coordinator of the Sexual Diversity Collective of León, called the murder the second hate crime of the year in León, and called for more tolerance

Sevilla, however, claims Bermúdez tried to rape him and that he stabbed the older man with a glass bottle to protect himself.

State Prosecutor Flor de Maria Rostrán insists the event occurred differently.

“On Thursday October 11, Sevilla went to the house of the victim where the two begin a loving relationship…at the end, when Bermúdez was lying in bed, Sevilla took the opportunity to grab a glass, brake it and give him twenty stab wounds in the neck. He then proceeded to steal the phone, a computer and several objects,” said Rostrán, during last week’s preliminary hearing.

Sevilla, a native of the indigenous Subtiava neighborhood, was caught after a piece of good police work.

Deputy Police Commissioner Miguel Carmona announced that they had identified Sevilla by piecing together the sale of the victim’s iPhone on the local black market. The police spent two days searching León’s black markets for clues.

“Once we had found the phone, and we identified the person who sold the phone and immediately got a hold of people responsible,” said Carmona.

Once arrested, Sevilla confessed to the crime and led the police to the blood-stained clothes and the fatal piece of glass that he kept hidden at his family’s home.

In total, 261 people were interviewed by the police during case, which led to an arrest and accusation in less than a week. Both of the accused are being held under preventive arrest.

Prosecuting attorney Freddy Trujillo is seeking the maximum punishment.

“It is a fact that it was clearly premeditated, treacherously planned by both because the victim was careless, without clothes, lying in bed and unaware: a crime in cold blood,” he said during the preliminary hearing.

Public defense attorney Marcos Murillo has filed a plea to the judge for the bail of Guillet, who is a fourth-year chemistry student at UNAN-León .

The court date for the case has not yet been set. 

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