Congressman denounces attempt on his life

(posted Nov. 8, 8:40 a.m.)- Sandinista congressman César Castellanos, who represents the ruling party from the northern department of Nueva Segovia, claims an attempt was made against his life late Sunday evening when a small group shot at his vehicle in the community of El Yaraje, Monzonte, according to a report in the daily El Nuevo Diario.

Sandinista congressman César Castellanos (official photo)

One bullet struck the rear windshield of Castellanos’ Toyota Land Cruiser, passing through the car and striking the inside of the front windshield near the driver’s head. A second bullet hit the vehicle’s door. The congressman was not injured in the attack.

“The bullets were fired with the aim of causing harm to the life of the person driving, and that was me,” Castellanos told El Nuevo Diario. The congressman said he heard at least 10 shots.

The incident reportedly occurred amid post-electoral violence in the community of El Yaraje. The daily reports that there were people fighting in the street with rocks and guns, as others hid under tables in the voting center.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident.

El Nuevo Diario reports that this is the second time Castellanos has reported people shooting at his vehicle.

  • Car

    too bad they missed. maybe if a few of these guys get taken out the party’s huevos will shrink a little…

    • Nospam Sonny

      right on. sandinazis!