Highway deaths on the rise

Illegal turn (photo/ Tim Rogers)

(posted Nov. 15, 11:40 a.m.)- In the first 10 months of 2012, National Police have registered 21,901 traffic accidents, 552 highway deaths—40 more than last year—and 3,962 injuries, according to a report published in La Prensa.

While the numbers would seem to suggest that people are driving worse than ever, Transit Police Chief Roberto González told the daily that he considers the numbers “a success” because the death toll is less than what police had previously projected.

In other words, people are lousy drivers, but still not as bad as the police expected.


  • MHWE

    All is a matter of perspective.

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  • pistonaccio

    I am Italian, but the nicaraguan streets and “highways” are roads to hell!! never see worst drivers,bikers,cyclists……in 12 days I saw 1 dead ,many injured and 2 close calls my self.beware drivers of the world!

  • Mark Oshinskie

    Collectivo drivers are menaces to sociedad.

  • Nospam Sonny

    Are car accidents the leading cause of death in Nicaragua?