Islanders march against World Court ruling

(posted Nov. 24, 8:00 a.m.)- The residents of San Andres marched through the island streets yesterday to protest the Nov. 19 verdict by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and pressure the Colombian government to reject the ruling.

Carrying banners written in Creole with messages such as “Wih no Acept di ruling Fram di International Court of Justis,” hundreds of islanders made their voices heard on the maritime border issue. Colombian environmentalists demanded that UN step in to promote the abstention of oil exploration in the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, something activists have been fighting to protect for years and a vital source for the island’s fishing and tourism economy.

As the debate in Colombia continues over whether to accept or reject the World Court’s ruling, which is legally binding, Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega says “he is certain” that Colombia will come to its senses and obey international law.

“I am certain that our brothers in Colombia, the government of Colombia, the president of Colombia, will recognize the ruling by the International Court of Justice because there is no other way forward; there is only one path and that’s to comply with the ruling and respect Nicaragua’s historic right,” Ortega said Friday night. “I give thanks to God and thanks to the law that our country has been protected.”

  • Mela Pellas

    I think maybe the sanandreans are pissed off because the ICJ didn’t give the islands to the sandinistas. Maybe they don’t want to go through the hardship of having true elections and rather know in advance, way in advance, who their “elected” officials will be…like us nicaraguans. Tell me, please, who not rather have Dani boy and La Chamu ruling their future.

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  • Fernando Mateo Restrepo

    I would have marched against it too!… how are to islands, Colombian islands surrounded by Nicaraguan waters?? how is Historically Colombian waters just given away? Alot of people say its a tantrum that Colombia is throwing, but it is a demonstration of patriotism! If i were Pres. Juan Manuel Santos, i would throw the ICJ ruling out! and not heed to it.