Nicaragua suspends tsunami warning

Alert was declared at 11 a.m. this morning in response to the 7.4-magnitude quake that hit Guatemala

(posted Nov. 7, 7:10 p.m.)- The Government of Nicaragua this afternoon suspended a tsunami warning it declared along the Pacific coast this morning in response to the 7.4-magnitude earthquake that struck Guatemala, killing at least 39 people.

The Nicaraguan government declared the tsunami warning around 11 a.m., mobilizing the Municipal Committee for Disaster Prevention to close businesses along the coast in San Juan del Sur and Tola, prevent fishermen from heading out to sea, and prepare coastal communities for possible evacuation.

Some 620 students from the school “República del Ecuador” in Masachapa were evacuated as a preventive measure, according to government media.

By late this afternoon, the alert was suspended.

An earthquake on Sept. 2, 1992 triggered a tsunami that struck a 220 kilometer swath of Nicaragua’s coastline around Masachapa, claiming an estimated 150 lives. The tsunami hit about 20 minutes after the quake.

Today’s earthquake off the coast of Guatemala did not cause any damage in Nicaragua, according to authorities.


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