PLI denounces obstructionism by CSE

(posted Nov. 4, 2:00 p.m.)- The Independent Liberal Party (PLI) is denouncing the Sandinista-controlled Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) for obstructing the inscription of hundreds of its party’s poll watchers in Managua by not providing credentials in time.

PLI campaign representative Kitty Monterrey said in a press conference this afternoon that 662 PLI poll watchers in Managua were not given their credentials before election day. She claims it happened in voting precincts where the PLI is strong, including the precinct where party president Eduardo Montealegre votes.

PLI president Eduardo Montealegre shows his ink-stained thumb after voting this morning in Managua (photo/ PLI)

Monterrey says she met with CSE head Roberto Rivas yesterday afternoon to demand the missing credentials, and was told that the PLI poll watchers would be given official letters from the CSE this morning at 4 a.m.—two hours before the polls opened. She said that left the party scrambling in the early hours of the morning to pick up their permission letters and get to their respective voting precincts on time. But many of the PLI poll watchers reportedly discovered that once they arrived at their voting stations, someone else has already been accredited in their stead, Monterrey says.

“This problem was caused by the CSE,” the PLI representative charged.

Monterrey’s version of events differs with that of Roberto Rivas, who told Sandinista media this morning that the PLI was trying to boycott the election by playing hooky in 50% of the voting stations in Managua.

Monterrey’s version also seems to differ from that of PLI congressman Eliseo Núñez, who told The Nicaragua Dispatch several hours ago that the PLI’s failure to have representatives at all voting precincts in Managua was due to “structural problems” and not CSE mischief.

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  • Carlos

    El PLI do not offer an alternative, democray and freedom is ok but that doesn’t feed your family or help you with a house when you are in the street. You coul be free to die of hunger.

    Montealegre is also very corrupt and with the CENIs he stole money fom the banks. He is bad news nd damaged goods.