Rivas: FSLN won 134 municipalities

(posted Nov. 5, 3:00 p.m.)- Electoral magistrate Roberto Rivas has just announced the final vote count from the 2012 municipal elections, giving the ruling Sandinista Front a whopping 87% victory over the opposition.

In total, the Sandinistas won 134 of 153 municipalities—eight more than Rivas gave the ruling party during his first vote mumble this morning.

Dizzying Victory: CSE says Sandinistas won in 87% of the country (photo/ Tim Rogers)

The Independent Liberal Party, which on election day said they were competing for 45 or 50 municipalities, in the end got only 11. The PLI is contesting several of the municipalities in Matagalpa that were given to the Sandinistas, arguing their official copy of the election day voting station tally shows them winning Matiguás and Ciudad Darío.

The Liberal Constitutional Party (PLC) completed its political implosion by winning only two municipalities in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS).

The minority ALN managed to win one municipality, and the indigenous regional party YATAMA won three municipalities in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN), including regional capital Bilwi.

YATAMA, despite being a political ally of the Sandinista Front, is now essentially the third most important political force in the country behind the FSLN and PLI.

Rivas said that turnout in Sunday’s election was “historical” and thanked President Daniel Ortega for the “logistical support.” The feeling is probably mutual.


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