Fake Mexican journalists found guilty


guilty (photo/ GRAPHOS Producciones)

(posted Dec. 20) –The 18 fake journalists who were posing as a Televisa news crew have been found guilty of money laundering, organized crime and international drug trafficking and could be facing 34 to 36 years in prison.

The phony journalists, who were arrested Aug. 20 crossing into Nicaragua from Honduras aboard faux new vans stuffed with $9 million in cash, were found guilty Wednesday night following a weeklong trial in Managua. The prosecutor is asking for sentences of 20 years for drug trafficking, and 14 years for organized crime and money laundering. The group’s ringleaders would have another two years and eight months tacked onto their sentences, according to Nuevo Diario.

The judged is scheduled to hand down the prison sentences on Jan. 13.

  • Expat

    Good! Let’s see how long they actually stay in prison.

  • Devry Armitage

    My…Justice is swift in Nicaragua! A one week trial?!

  • Joseph

    Where did the other 9 million go ?