Maduro: Chavez is recovering from surgery

(posted Dec. 12, 7:45 a.m.)- After six hours in surgery yesterday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is recovering in Cuba and in need of people’s “sincere prayers” and solidarity, Vice President and successor Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday night from the presidential palace in Miraflores.

President Hugo Chávez and Cuba’s Raul Castro in Managua in 2009 (photo/ Tim Rogers)

Maduro said Chávez’s fourth operation was successful and that the president is now recovering in his hospital room.

“Today, Dec. 11, we have lived through some worrisome moments as we accompany and pray for our comandate President Hugo Chávez,” Maduro said, following the Venezuelan leader’s fourth cancer surgery since July 2011.

Maduro also addressed the opposition, whom he suspects of praying for a different outcome.

“With sincerity we tell the opposition, the enemies of the country, enough already! Stop with your venom, stop the hatred for the comandante…respect the pain of the dignified people and their families,” Maduro said in a national address televised on Venezuelan channel Telesur.

  • car

    too bad he didn’t die in surgery…maybe la chamuca can cook up a cauldron of healing brew for him…oh wait, wihout tio hugo’s plane, the whoreteagas are stuck in country…aww