Sandinistas organize revival concert for Chavez

(posted Dec. 14, 9:00 a.m.)- Government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo has announced a Sandinista-sponsored hoedown for Hugo Chávez this weekend in Managua’s Plaza de la Revolución.

The concert “Celebrating Chávez: Singing, Dancing, Life and Hope” will be held “to unite in spiritual strength with the Bolivarian people of Venezuela and with President Hugo Chávez,” Murillo told her media outlets.

First Lady Rosario Murillo (Graphos Producciones)

Murillo said the revival is being prepared “with all our love, with our dedication, with our spiritual strength, with our energy, with our breath, asking the Lord to continue providing blessings to our America, in the Caribbean, in our Nicaragua, in Venezuela.”

Murillo also asked God to give strength and blessings to the family of President Chávez.

“From Nicaragua, where we love him so, we admire him, we respect him, we continue praying and continue celebrating his spiritual strength, asking God for his full recovery, health and everything he needs, everything to accompany him, to bundle him up and make him feel totally loved, to continue at the lead of this extraordinary, formidable, humanist, just, dignified, Bolivarian Revolution,” Murillo said.

Murillo said more details about the concert would be announced today.


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