Thank you for a successful 2012

 Dear Gentle Reader,

The Nicaragua Dispatch would like to wish all its readers a very happy and safe holiday season.

As we complete our first full calendar year with three-fold growth since January, we are very thankful for all our loyal readers who visit the site daily and share our articles with others on facebook, twitter and email. We are equally grateful for the thousands of “occasional readers” who click in once a week to check the news (y’all don’t be strangers now, ya’ hear).

Since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, we also want to extend seasonal good cheer those strange individuals who entered our site only once—and apparently by mistake—after following some bizarre Google search such as: “Buildings made from humans in Nicaragua” (I hope he meant by humans); “People looking at cats in 2005” (q.e.p.d. Bajopata, linda gata); “Gay police in photo,” (we get lots readers searching for some variation of ‘gay police’); “Straight Nicaraguans go gay for pay,” (there are also daily searches using keywords about prostitution and sex in Nicaragua— ¡OJO INTUR!); and my favorite search of the year, “Do Nicaraguans like cupcakes?” (our investigate reporting on this issue was inconclusive this year).

By the way, all of those examples are real searches from the past month, tracked by Google Analytics. These were some of the tamer examples that I noted in recent weeks; there hundreds more that my wife won’t let me tell you about, and she’s probably right.

Anyway, back to the holiday cheer. Nicaragua Dispatch would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors, advertisers and individual contributors who donated to the project this year. We are still very much a shoestring operation, so the 112 readers who donated to our fund drive this year, including our 43 “friends of the Nicaragua Dispatch,” were an enormous help. You have truly made this a community and reader-supported publication, so thanks to all who contributed.

Still, alas, our economic prospects are uncertain heading into 2013. We’re doing everything we can to find funding to continue this project, but we will continue to rely heavily on the financial support of our generous readers. If you appreciate The Nicaragua Dispatch and want to help support the free press in Nicaragua, please consider making a year-end donation or consider sponsoring and/or advertising in the New Year. Every bit helps. (click here to help support us). 

As always, thanks for reading The Nicaragua Dispatch. In 2013, I promise we’ll get to the bottom of the cupcake issue (in fact, I am about to get to the bottom of one right now).

Happy Holidays.

Tim Rogers

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  • fred belland

    It’s been a great year. Merry Christmas and God bless you for 2013.

  • Ellen

    Do you accept donations in the form of pastries, cupcakes or otherwise delicious baked goods?