Street art festival returns to Granada

The ‘Berrinche Ambiental’ will bring street performers from eight countries

There will be plenty of fire to light up the night

The streets of Granada next week will fill with merriment, music and spectacle as dozens of clowns, mimes, painters, minstrels and buskers from eight countries descend on the colonial city for the Fourth International Festival of Street-Art “El Berrinche Ambiental” on Jan. 21-26.

The annual event, hosted by Granada’s School of Comedy and Mime, will feature five days of street performances, workshops and interactive events with communities and children.

The performers—visiting from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Spain, Italy and England—will promote a message of artistic expression, community and harmony with nature.

There also will be various nighttime activities, including a Central American cultural night on Jan. 25 at the Mimo Comedia Café.

The highlight of the annual festival comes on the final day—Jan. 26—with an afternoon carnival that makes its way through town to the Central Park, where a final show and concert is held in the evening.

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