Mixta (1) art fair will highlight Nicaragua’s top contemporary artists

Art show will be held next week in conjunction with International Poetry Festival

It exists. In painting and sculpture, there is such a thing as visual rhyme and it refers to the repetition of patterns or forms, alliteration of color, movement and subject matter. An upcoming art fair in Granada that will coincide with next week’s International Poetry Festival promises to deliver just that.

The expo Mixta (1) includes drawings, acrylic and oil paintings, sculptures, video art, photography and artifacts. The works, though dissimilar from one another, share a common thread: they question and engage their cultural context with thoughtfulness and humor. They are beautiful and challenging of commonly held ideas and mainstream concepts of aesthetics.

Prominent Nicaraguan artist Patricia Belli and her venture partner, Andres Lazar, are organizing Mixta (1), an art show that will showcase the work of some of Nicaragua’s most established and promising contemporary artists.

“We have named our initiative Adrede (deliberate). It is a cultural enterprise that aims to present to the public with works of art that are clever, beautiful and purposeful,” say Belli, who will curate the show.

Adrede is an enterprise that offers consulting services for contemporary art, and part of its job is to promote artists by organizing shows. Mixta (1) will their first act. With Belli at the helm, the goal is to promote artists to create exciting venues and events that foster a healthy marketplace for artists to continue developing their talents and sharing their point of view.

Another one of their aims is to serve as consultants for private collectors and advisors for people looking to invest in art. Nicaragua has a roster of artists that shine in the international art world, yet they are little known even in their own country.

For example, if you Google Nicaraguan artist Ernesto Salmerón, your first hit will be the Tate Modern Gallery in London. Artists Raúl Quintanilla, David Ocón, and Aparicio Arthola are equally well known. And they will all be at the show, which is very exciting.

Adrede’s Expo Mixta (1) opens on Feb. 18 at Granada’s Convento San Francisco. There will be a reception at 10 a.m., which all are invited to attend.


  • http://www.cigarsafari.com Jonathan Drew

    This sounds like an incredible show. What is the date that it ends?


    • Amber

      The Expo Mixta (1) runs until February 27th. Saludos!