ND holds II Bad Poetry Festival

Back without popular demand, The Nicaragua Dispatch is proud to announce its Second Annual Bad Poetry Festival, which will run next week during Granada’s International Poetry Festival.

While 300 of the world’s top poets descend on Granada to enlighten and delight the masses with their imaginary prose and Latinate diction, the Bad Poetry Festival is for everyone else who didn’t get invited to the main event—the posers, hacks and semi-literate charlatans who, despite their language limitations, still want to live with flair.

Nicaragua likes to boast that it’s a country full of poets, which means there many lousy poets out there still waiting to be discovered. That’s where Nicaragua Dispatch comes in. We discovered more than a dozen awful poets last year, and hope to do worse this year.

So for all you poetically challenged individuals who like to dabble in ridiculous rhymes,  hideous hyperbole, senseless stanzas, mangled meter, lousy lyrics, putrid prose and awful alliterations, it’s time to sharpen your minds and dull your pencils and give us the best of your worst poetry.

The Nicaragua Dispatch’s Bad Poetry Festival will run all next week. Send your poems today to tim@nicaraguadispatch.com with the subject line “Bad Poetry.” The best worst poem of the week will receive a prize as awful as poetry we celebrate.

For inspiration, here is last year’s winner, the venerable “Mochilero, Mochilero.

  • Jorge Greco Rodriguez

    perfect for The Gong Show

  • Carla Chamorro

    Brillante idea!!

  • Ben