Ortega congratulates Chavez for failed coup in ‘92

(posted Feb. 4, 6 p.m.)- President Daniel Ortega today sent a letter to Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez congratulating his ailing comrade for his failed coup attempt in 1992.

As Venezuelan tanks and soldiers took to the streets of Caracas today to commemorate the failed putsch that introduced the world to Hugo Chávez in 1992, seven years before he came to power democratically, Ortega sent a gushing letter to Venezuela’s acting government celebrating the 21st anniversary of the “resurrection of the flags of Bolívar in his native Venezuela.”

Ortega and Chavez hug in 2007 (photo/ Tim Rogers)

Ortega’s letter, which was also addressed to Vice President Nicolás Maduro, congressional president Diosdado Cabello and the “brothers and sisters” of the Socialist Unification Party of Venezuela, touted Chávez’s “vision of fatherland and liberty.” Ortega apparently likened Chávez’s failed coup attempt to his own Sandinista government by calling it “Christian, Socialist and in Solidarity” – the slogan first lady Rosario Murillo came up with for the current administration.

“We salute you, in the Supreme Dream of Bolívar and Sandino, with all our solidarity and love from the revolutionary people, Sandinista,  fighters, dedicated to the struggles and victories of the people of our America, this noble and valiant people of Venezuela that today more than ever are consolidating this process of evolution, with absolute loyalty to the Commander in Chief, Hugo Chávez Frías,” reads the letter, which was read today on Sandinista media by first lady Rosario Murillo, who seems to have had a hand in choosing its langue.

Ortega’s letter applauds Chávez’s “irreplaceable vision” and his political project which will “continue to grow and advance unstoppably.”

The letter ends with Ortega saying he is “certain that God is accompanying [Chávez] in ever instant of the battle for your life.”

Chávez, who missed his own inauguration last month, has not been seen or heard from publically since Dec. 11, when he traveled to Cuba for this fourth cancer surgery. Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Sunday that Chávez is getting better, but the true status of his health remains an international mystery.

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