Dogs put on their Sunday best for Lazarus

Dogs dance for St. Lazarus (file photo/ Tim Rogers)

In what is arguably Nicaragua’s most entertaining religious celebration of the year, hundreds of devout Catholics dressed up their dogs in colorful costumes this morning and brought them to the Magdalena Church in Monimbó to honor Saint Lazarus, whom Jesus is thought to have raised from the dead, according to the Bible.

The annual celebration, which is held on the last Sunday before Holy Week, is a tradition that has been going on for more than 80 years in the indigenous neighborhood of Monimbó.

People dress up their dogs in everything from wedding dresses to Daddy Yankee outfits and bring them to the annual mass in honor of Saint Lazarus, a leper whose sores were licked by dogs.

After mass, the dogs are paraded up on stage with their owners and made to dance for the hooting crowd.



  • Devry Armitage

    In Toronto we call the “Woof Fest”!