Mi Museo adds artwork by local artist Eduardo Arias

Thanks to a generous donation by Chuck and Shirley Schmidt, the work titled “Journey through time” (2012), a large, 35×62 mixed acrylic and texture work on canvas by Granada-born artist Eduardo Arias, will now be on display at “Mi Museo.”  This donation will benefit Nicaraguans and visitors who want to learn more about their culture and their indigenous past. 

Eduardo Arias began his art career as part of the Casa de la Cultura’s “Cultural Promoters Association” (APC) of Granada.  He received his initial training in drawing, painting, sculpture and print and became a member of the group REVELACION in 1996. He then became active member of the artist collective “VAGONI Group” with the Casa Tres Mundos Foundation, where he served as a professor of plastic arts at the University of Santo Tomas de Oriente y Mediodía in Granada.  Eduardo has participated in expositions throughout Nicaragua, Germany, and Costa Rica, and his works have been displayed in countries as far as Greece, Spain, Australia, the United States, and Japan. 

Eduardo currently works as an art instructor at “Centro de Arte la Calzada” and began studying graphic design in 2011. In his free time he works on art, graphic design, and photography as a freelance designer and painter.

His artistic works generally characterize a pre-Columbian era as well as typical indigenous and Nicaraguan culture and customs.  Influenced by indigenous art and spirituality, he carefully blends symbols to form modern day representations.

For more information on Eduardo Arias you may visit: www.facebook.com/CoralilloArtDesign or write: scissorrshand@yahoo.es. To view the work, you can visit Mi Museo on Calle Atravesada 505, Granada, Nicaragua from Sunday to Monday, 8am-5pm.  The museum is open free of charge to the public.

Mi Museo was opened by Peder Kolind in Granada in December 2005 with, “the intention of preserving the cultural heritage that lies at the source of what it means to be Nicaraguan.”  The museum holds the largest collection of pre-Columbian works in the region.   

For more information on “Mi Museo,” visit: http://www.granadacollection.org or write: mimuseo@hotmail.com

  • Joseph

    Chuck and Shirley are special for this one! Edwardo’s painting has been admired for quite awhile and now it’s on display where many, many more can view his work! Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt!