Murillo excited about new pope

Nicaragua’s first lady Rosario Murillo joined Nicaragua’s Episcopal Conference today in celebrating the election of the first Latin American pope.

“Our America is celebrating the election of Latin America Pope for the first time in history,” Murillo told her family-run media outlets this afternoon. “Each one of us feels, I am sure, moved and recognized because the election of a Latin American makes us see the importance that our continent, especially our America, our region, our people have in the world.”

Habemos Papam

Murillo, no stranger to religious talk and pious behavior, reminded folks that she considers Nicaragua to be “Christian, Socialist and in Solidarity” and says her government defends “values of family and community.”

Murillo said she and her husband feel “honored and content” that the new pope is from South America. She didn’t mention her thoughts on the allegations that Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was complicit in the Argentina’s repressive “dirty war” or that he was named in a 1995 criminal complaint for his alleged involvement in the abduction of two Jesuit priests by the right-wing military dictatorship, according to media reports from Argentina.

Murillo also gave a shout out to Nicaragua’s aging Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo, who was at the Holy See this week praying for the illumination of the other cardinals who were actually electing the new pope. Murillo congratulated Obando for doing a good job praying. Murillo then talked a bit more about her thoughts on Christianity and devotion.

“We often ask the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Nicaragua, to illuminate our path,” Murillo said.

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