Nicaraguan Navy searches for missing fishermen

7 fishermen from Bilwi have been missing since March 2


The navy is using a go-fast boat to search for missing fishermen (photo/ Tim Rogers)

(posted March 11, 3:00 p.m.)- The Nicaraguan Navy today vowed to continue searching for seven Nicaraguan fishermen who have been lost at sea for more than a week.

“We will continue searching and hope to find them today,” said military spokesman Lt Col. Orlando Palacios told Sandinista media.

The seven fishermen, all from Bilwí in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN), have been missing at sea since March 2. On Saturday, their abandoned boat, the Capitán Kennedy, was found damaged and run aground on King Cays, off Nicaragua’s northern Caribbean coast. The hull was ripped and the motor was missing. There was no sign of the fishermen.

The navy has deployed a go-fast boat to continue searching for the missing fishermen near the Pearl Cays.


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    WInds were upward of a steady 45 mph from the North that day, and had been predicted, quite accurately, for a week in advance. In the Corn Islands, preparations were made as the winds started to increase and change to the North that Friday, and smaller boats were pulled out of the water, while larger onces were re-positioned on anchor in the shelter of the bay. No pangas were allowed out between the Corn Islands on Saturday, and part of Sunday. It’s very unfortunate that a small fishing boat went out in that extremely rough weather.