Costa Rica calls Ortega’s bluff over summit invite

Nicaragua was the first country in Central America to pick up its invitation to next month’s summit with President Obama in Costa Rica, according to Tico officials

Update: On Friday afternoon, Ortega confirmed his attendance at the summit.


Costa Rica is calling President Daniel Ortega’s bluff over his claim that he was not invited to next month’s summit with U.S. President Barack Obama in San José, Costa Rica.

Ortega, who routinely skips Central American summits hosted by Costa Rica, told Sandinista government media outlets yesterday afternoon that he can’t comment on whether or not he will attend the May 4 regional summit with Obama and his Central American counterparts because he was not officially invited by the Costa Rican government.

“From watching the news, we know about the meeting programmed for May 4 in Costa Rica…we are following the information because what we know is from media reports, but at the moment we don’t know anything formally, nothing official. We can’t speculate because we don’t have anything formal, nothing official,” Ortega told Sandinista reporters yesterday.

But if Ortega doesn’t have the official invite yet, it must be because people in his government are keeping it from him.

The Nicaragua Dispatch has learned that the Nicaraguan embassy in Costa Rica was the first to pick up their official invite on April 3. A source at the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry says that later that day Nicaragua’s Ambassador to Costa Rica confirmed personally that he had received the invite and passed it along.

“By chance, the (Nicaraguan) Ambassador Harold Rivas bumped into (Costa Rican) Ambassador Marco Vinicio Vargas in the supermarket and he said that he had received the letter of invitation and had informed (his superiors) about it,” the Tico source said.

Below is an official copy of Ortega’s invite.


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  • http://no Damian

    On the 3rd The Nica Embassy in Costa Rica received the invite. President Ortega received the invitation on the 4th and his assistance to the summit got published on the 5th. Then the ND and Tico newspapers make it into a big deal. Is there really nothing better to report?

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  • Kelvin

    Damian, I think you are missing the point of the subtle difference, meaning and tone surrounding the whole “Have I been invited or not”.

    Sometimes the nuances are as simple as a slight change in shade.

    Not being able to see them doesn’t mean they are not there

    At the time Tim wrote and published his comments, they were, in my opinion, bang on.

  • Edgar Cross

    Ortega knows quite well that he is a persona-non-grata in Costa Rica, and that he was invited in accordance with protocol.

    Ortega only wants to have himself heard, even if his arguments are rubbish.