Help save Sheyla’s life


I am writing this in an effort to promote a fundraiser for a wonderful young Nicaraguan lady who is in dire need of a heart surgery.

Her name is Sheyla Chavez and she is 24 years old, with two beautiful young boys ages four and five. Sheyla has been diagnosed with a heart defect known as Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), which is a hole between the upper chambers of her heart.  That means oxygenated blood from the left atria is passing back to the right atria and mixing with non-oxygenated blood. This has led to lower-than-normal oxygen levels in the blood supplies to her brain, vital organs and tissues.

Sheyla Chavez

Sheyla has already suffered a minor stroke and has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months. Her condition is worsening and her chance of living a healthy life or even surviving this without surgery are very low. However, she is still young enough that with surgery the odds are in her favor of recovering from this and returning to a normal and healthy life. Unfortunately, time is not on her side; as her condition worsens it will cause irreversible damage to her heart and other organs.

Sheyla works a full-time job in Nicaragua, but earns only $2 an hour. That pay does not come close to the amount needed to cover medicines, office visits, and surgery.

I started this fundraiser a few days ago and have already had a lot of support from family and friends. The show of support has put a smile on a beautiful face—a smile I have not seen since her diagnosis.

Sheyla is now starting to feel some hope. I encourage the readers of The Nicaragua Dispatch and those who know Sheyla to take a minute and visit our fundraiser page. There you can see the other contributions that we have received so far, and possibly make one of your own.

I ask for as much or as little as you can give; each dollar earned goes directly to our efforts to help save a young woman’s life. You may find her and the link on her Facebook page or go directly to her crowdfunding page

I thank everyone who takes the time to read this. Please consider making a donation or spreading the word about our efforts to help Sheyla.

Thank you,



  • ells

    Have you heard of the cardiology medical brigade that comes to Leon once or twice a year? They do just these kinds of surgeries and for free. The NGO I work for hosts medical teams and we have had a patient transferred to them with a similar, if not just the same, condition. Unfortunately in the case of our patient she was diagnosed too late and the pressure in her heart made her a high-risk surgery that they didn’t feel comfortable doing. The process starts with a cardiology center in Managua. If you would like more information, I would be happy to share more about how you can get connected with them. Let me know!

    • Luke

      Please send me some more info to my email. You are the exact type of person I was hoping to come into contact with. That is also why we are trying to make this urgent before it is too late.

  • Luke

    Thank you so much to all of the Nicaragua Dispatch readers that have donated to Sheyla’s cause. With all of your help we are just one step closer to her having this surgery. We truly appreciate all of your kind hearts for lending out an open hand.!

  • Luke Johnston

    We are now just over 50% of our goal. Thank you to all of the ND readers that have contributed. Please continue to spread the word and help us reach our goal!